Dancing With the Stars Season Finale Results: Who Won the Mirror Ball?

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It all came down to one last Dancing With the Stars results show.

After 10 weeks of competiton, Ricki Lake, J.R. Martinez and Rob Kardashian headed into the DWTS season finale Tuesday with one last chance to win it all.

Rob took a slight lead Monday night, with Ricki and J.R. steady but not perfect and in a tie for second. Clearly, all three deserved their spots in the finals.

Ricki Lake and Derek Hough
Rob Kardashian and Cheryl Burke
J.R. Martinez and Karina Smirnoff

Who hoisted the Mirror Ball, Rob, Ricki or J.R.?

While J.R. and Ricki traded the top spot much of the season, Rob came on strong late.

A dark horse underdog for weeks, he rose to the occasion and proved he belonged with some outstanding performances this week. But would they be enough?

Follow the jump to see who prevailed on the Dancing With the Stars season finale ...

J.R. Martinez, a fan favorite from the start, is your Season 13 champion!!

"First and foremost, I want to thank everybody who voted for us, for 10 weeks," the soap opera actor, motivational speaker and Iraq war veteran said.

And to Karina Smirnoff, who won for the first time in 10 tries, "You are amazing, and I'm so grateful I could be a part of your first mirror-ball trophy."

Rob came in second, and after both he and J.R. scored perfect instant samba 30s, we ended up with a two-night total of 112 for J.R. and 113 for Rob.

J.R.'s support from America was enough to overcome that slender margin.

Not that he's griping in the last. Despite the last-second loss, the Kardashian son made the best of his experience and says he isn't upset about it.

"I'm definitely not sad," Rob said. "I won in my book."

As for Ricki? "I've loved basically every minute of this," she said afterward. "I had the best partner, the best teacher, the best motivator there is."

"I've done something I really didn't think I could do."

Congratulations to all three finalists on a great run.

Did J.R. deserve to win Dancing With the Stars?


JR was the very best!!! That's why he won!! He was soo amazing.. The Way he came out on top was do' special I think he's a savage!!! Soo happy for him! Way to go!!


Dancing With the Stars (DWTS) 2011 Finale Full Video (Nov 22): http://su.pr/1OxZXC


Rob was my favorite. Everyone is entitled to their opinion so there is no reason to be nasty. JR and Ricki did great too. I would loved to have seen Rob win the mirror ball but I think they are all 3 winners. Great job guys.


Ricki should've havewon it hands DOWN!!! I mean i like J.R. but Ricki was never in the botton 3 (Rob Kardashington),she always danced the best ,and by far had the hottest partner Derek!! And the judges must be pulm retarted because they barley ever gave Ricki and Derek 10's and Rob got a perfect score the night before the Finale!! Thats crap !


Ricki should have won for the best dancing, she had the highest total scores for the season; JR was very good, but won on popularity not because he was the best dancer, the judges had it right!


The competition went just the way i said it would go,believe it or not i place the three finalist in the position that was placed.


I can understand J.R. winning considering what he went thru but it is not a reason to make him the winner. he was a good dancer but definitely not as good as Ricki and Derek. Do not start naming winners for other reasons that being a great dancer.


Rob should have won, he was the one who improved the most, he really earned that trophy. I was dissappointed that he didn't, but it's true JR is a vet and right now our people stand behind them.....Rob you were great, I really enjoyed watching you become a killer dancer from how you were in the begining and how you were at the end. Your a winner in my book, now your sisters can't pick on you about not doing anything in your life. You rock.!!!! As for Kim,, girls who hasn't made the wrong choice when it came to love, GIVE THE GIRL A BREAK..you aren't living her life to know what really happened..sorry it didn't work out for her....ROB GREAT DANCING...!!!!!


It's a dancing contest not a popularity contest :)


Rob too bad u didn't win, thank your sis kim for that.

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