Dakota Fanning Perfume Ad: Banned in the UK!

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The UK is not LOLing over Lola.

Dakota Fanning has joined the famous likes of Beyonce, Christy Turlington, Julia Roberts and Angelina Jolie by having a provocative ad campaign banned in Britain.

The nation's media elites decreed that Marc Jacobs' latest fragrance ad featuring Fanning cannot be displayed, as it fosters too "sexually provocative" an image:

Dakota Fanning Perfume Ad

They made the decision after deciding that the imagery was inappropriate and receiving complaints about the ad, which has actually been out since June.

The 17-year-old is seen wearing a short, girly nude colored dress, provocatively holding a bottle of Jacobs' Oh, Lola! perfume between her upper thighs.

The ad appeared in several magazines and newspaper supplements across the U.K., and yielded enough complaints from offended readers to force action.

Some complained that the ad is "irresponsible" and portrayed the Breaking Dawn actress in "a sexualized manner." Well, yeah, if you wanna get technical.

Does that mean it should be banned, though? Vote below:


Most of Marc Jacobs perfume ads are with young starting out models with the same pose. I find nothing wrong with the pose as it is very creative. I wish her the best luck and think she will be great fashion icon in her future. For now she is signed on with IMG models which is one of the hardest agencies to even look at a girl. Keep up the good work Dakota. She has great bone structure and amazing body for runway modeling plus you would do awesome doing couture fashion shows :)


I don't think I would want to buy a perfume that smells like Dekota Fanning's crotch. That is the imagery the picture generates to me. I can see why the Brits complained. Yuck!


i do not see 1 thing provocative with this in any way shape or form... yet i can say every image of britney spears in her beginning and present is


I don't see what is wrong with the ad. Anyone who is finds it sexually provocative has really dirty mind. I personally don't think it is sexual but may I am just clueless.


I think it's pretty and feminine :) I see nothing wrong with it, it's basically like eveything else out there these days except i think this is done classier. Again, very pretty..


all of his ads are like that, the girl is always holding the bottle in between her legs.