Courtney Stodden: On Team Dilmer!

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Courtney Stodden knows something about dating an older man and about flaunting one's love in public.

Therefore, a couple weeks after rumors first surfaced that Demi Lovato was hooking up again with Wilmer Valderrama, an actor 12 years her senior, Stodden has come out and expressed her support for Team Dilmer.

Demi Lovato in Canada
Doug Hutchinson and Courtney Stodden Wedding Pic

"I find it beautiful for any couple who finds love, regardless of the age differences," Courtney told E! News.

But what about the flip side? Why does Stodden, 17, receive flak for marrying a 51-year old, but Demi Moore is practically idolized for snagging herself a much younger husband?

"Because women feel they've leveled the playing field with this cougar epidemic," Stodden said. "They feel more empowered with this type of situation, rather than when the older man is dating a younger hot woman. For many years, the older men have gone for the young, hot women, and now it's turned around and people are more accepting of it."

Oh, and by the way: Following this public test, Courtney's breasts have apparently been proven real. That's really the important takeaway here.


@kimaras: You really should get your facts straight before you go on a hateful rant about people on the internet. Demi Lovato is an adult, not a child. She's 19 and will be 20 in about 8 months. Dating a guy who's 12 years older than you does not make a woman a whore. A whore is someone who sleeps around or has sex with people for money. Dating a woman 12 years younger does not make a man a pedophile, as long as she's not a child. Pedophiles are adults or teenagers who like to have sex with children. Think before you speak, bitch.


This relationship Demi-Wilmer just seems off. Even at Tiff's wedding their body language was reserved, you do not see him with his arm around her like a real BF. With her tour coming up it remains to be seen if He will be faithful while she is gone. Being on the road can strain any relationship.


Demi will finally see Wilmer for the creeper he really is and dump his ugly ass


i deff agree with the comments left before me... Courtney is a giant slut, who gives a fuck if her tits or real or fake man she musta not been able to sleep at night until she could prove that right? Shes sucha joke i can't wait til dude dumps her for another 16yr old. Shes a whore put clothes on and respect urself u make women look bad. Go inside the street lights r on you mindless child.


Number that idiot Demi Lovato need to shut her trap, the only time she needs to open it is when she is throwing her guts up. This bulimic whore just all of sudden wants to talk about love. What happen to you being a good role model for these young girls. What type of love could there be between a 16 year old and a 51 one year old, your advice to these young girls is go ahead and open your legs to any old pervert who trying to get with you and mascaraed it as love, Shut up. Demi wait until you become an actual woman and cant get into any of the teeny boppers party and see if Wilmer still wants you. Then how is going to get to prey on some other little girls. These men are pedophiles and everyone is okay with it. And this Courtney Stodden slut will eventually have her time to tell her story in form of a LIFETIME movie.


Lol ya a 17 yr old that looks like a washed up, used up old hag! If she really hasnt had any work done to her she really should!


One problem here. Courtney Stodden is not a woman. She is a 17 year old CHILD. Can't even vote yet

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