Cody Simpson and Kylie Jenner: New Couple Alert!

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Pretty soon, Kim Kardashian will be the only member of her family to have starred in a sex tape and faked a marriage for money be single.

Multiple sources confirm that 14-year old Kylie Jenner has struck up a relationship with pop singer Cody Simpson, as the pair were spotted arm-in-arm at The Grove in Los Angeles this weekend.

Cody Simpson and Kylie Jenner

"I would say they are dating," a mole tells Us Weekly. "They are a couple! They are so cute together."

Jenner and Simpson reportedly met and hung out and at this month's Hollywood premiere of Breaking Dawn "and have been inseparable since," the insider adds.

Sigh. We can just see it now: Kylie and Cody Take Los Angeles, coming in 2013 to E!

[Photo: Pacific Coast News]

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Cody is freaking cute!! i dont want Bella nor Kylie near him. i know me and him will never happen but dont you hate it when you see the guy you like/love kissing,hugging,holding hands, or going to places with some other girl?? EXACTLY!!!


cute idk if they will stay together ...HAVE U SEEN THE SHOW SHES A WANNA BE but i preffer her than bella t. by 100


Nooo!!!!!!!!!! Cody's mine .


Im a bitch y cody is oriible


dirty whore.


Jolene, i mean Kylie please don't steal my man just because you can - I mean it!!!


Roxy WHAT!? Cody gross?? Back off. He's the most amazing boy on the whole earth!!


cody and kilie a cute to gether i wouldnt date cody but thats my opinion.


@roxy of course


hahah u guys r not smart really their arms r together would u guys do the if i was arm to arm with cody?

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