Chris Rene Breaks Down The Beatles on The X Factor

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Chris Rene is nothing if not original.

This X Factor finalist took to the stage last night and turned one of The Beatles' better known singles into an R&B track, breaking down "Let It Be" in a way most viewers had likely not heard before. He then transitioned into "Young Homie."

How did this unusual mash-up turn out? See for yourself:

Among other performances on The X Factor last night:


Chris is so talented. He has the ability to take a song and change it and make it his own. That he is not the best singer, well maybe not but he has a very soft, mellow voice that is very pleasant to the ear.Everything is not about the voice BUT about the voice, performance, writing ability and CHARISMA. Chris has the most charisma and he is so pleasant. I will bet that he will sell more than 1 million records.If he at this time would market the Young Homey song, it would be a best seller. Lets support Chris for the win.Chris writes his own songs and if they will all be like the Young Homey in quality and content,WOW!


chris rene groups broke all the music to sing it until the saimon asked the public to vote for the continuation chris rene continue in the x factor nicole paula abdul l.a red danced and clapped her chris rene will continue to vote for chris rene deserves. best singer chris rene .


best singer chris rene ate o saimon cool pedio que o publico votace para o chris rene continuar no x factor nicole e paula abdul so dansavam e aplaudiam o tambem dansava e aplaudia foi um show
completo o chris arrebentou e pos todos a cantarem com ele.


OMG!! Loved it. Felt like i was at a concert especially when you song young homie! I was singing along! Yay

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