Chris Brown AMA Performance: Taking it "All Back"

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Chris Brown knows how to put on a show.

Love him or hate him, guy is a performer. At the 2011 American Music Awards on Sunday, Brown dressed in a white T-shirt and jeans and began his performance with his emotional slow jam "All Back" alongside his backing band.

With little accompaniment, the singer displayed unusually raw vocals:

Then his turn on stage cranked up several notches for a rendition of "Say It With Me," showcasing Chris' dance moves. Haters are always gonna hate regardless, but his performances of both songs are sure to win raves from Team Breezy.

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the question is, hitting women is bad, regardless of who, what brand is still more that Chris hit a beloved superstar, not a stranger!, Chris is talented, but it marked him for life!


Everyone knows Chris did wrong but he has apologized time and time again.hater say he has anger management problem,seriously you need to see what people tweet at not even Chris and i get mad.
No matter what anyone says i still have a whole lot of respect for Chris for taking the whole blame when we all know rihanna isn't a saint she wants us to think she is.


i also have a question for you,
what if he was your brother/son.
We all know what he did was wrong but it was three year ago.
And if the victim(rihanna) can forgive him then who am i to judge.
PS; As for the 'race card'
Google Charlie sheen or eminem.
I don't see any bother calling eminem a womanbeater.


Critically, look at how rihanna has milked the whole incident into a business venture!! She keeps painting him black so as 2 appear WHITE! AND THIS WHOLE THING HAPPENEd ONCE! It's not like he was beating her all the time! LOOK WELL b4 U JUDGE!


I love me some breezy


@Abc, what make you think that race wouldnt play a little part in it? How would u be so damn sure? Cause hell, the media sure damn well forgave charlie sheen lyning no good azz. Shit, charlie beat on his ex-girl friend back in the early 80s and shot at his ex-wife. How about 2yrs ago, with the 2nd ex-wife who he pull a knife on. You commenting that people have small minds, when they brings up the race card. No you need to wake up and realize that racism is never going to change.


do u think rihanna is innocent? She hit him 1st n then PROVOKED HIM INTO ANGER!
u only know Rihanna's side of the story! U don't know the full story! And u think u r right 2 judge?


Anne, you're confused and wrong. People that dislike him do so bc he mercilessly beat the heck out of a woman. His race has nothing to do with it. Small minded ppl always pull the race card. It's easy. Many ppl find it very hard to forgive OR forget something so cowardly bc it tells you so much about a person. For you? Not so much apparently. I guess it's ok to beat women as long as you're a good performer. What if it were your mom/sister/daughter that he beat like that? Prob not so quick to forget...


Young Chris Iz AWESOME He iz the Next And Greatest Performer of all Timez God Bless Him KeEp up The GrEaT Work KeEp MakinG GreAt MuSiC And STaY Fly AnD SExY AzZ HeLl LoVe YOu!!!!


Chris is a true performer and a very talented artist.all his racist hater can only hate while he makes his 'paper' #fortunemarch2012