Chaz Bono to Die Young From Gender Reassignment, Tabloid Claims; DWTS Star Threatens Lawsuit

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Will Chaz Bono die young because he became a man?

That's the implication of a story in the National Enquirer. One that has him threatening to sue, claiming the article is a "smear campaign" and "blatantly false."

The "story" is plastered right on cover of the November 11 issue with a headline that screams, "Chaz Bono: ONLY 4 YEARS TO LIVE." Pretty overt, and awful.

The article cites "expert" opinions about Chaz's weight, stress and medication linked with gender reassignment, concluding he'll likely kick it by 2015.

Chaz Bono Will Die

The Dancing With the Stars cast member, understandably, is royally pissed, and has fired off a letter demanding a retraction and apology for this ASAP.

In the letter, Chaz's lawyer calls the story, "blatantly false and defamatory," not to mention "salacious and inflammatory," and "crafted for the malicious purpose of discriminating against our client's gender and sexual orientation."

Enraged over the "misleading and blatantly false" medical "opinions," his lawyer says if the tabloid does not retract the story pronto, Chaz Bono will sue.

Your move, Enquirer.


Chaz is not a man.


Let Chaz be stop all this rubbish and live your lives. Chaz is who Chaz is,least he's true to himself.


Its probably true, she should have stayed a lesbian you cant take all those steroids and etc. Its a shame.

T jones

I feel sorry for Chaz Bono. There's something about her that is truly sad to me. She acts like she doing what she's doing because she wants attention. When she admitted to the world that she was a lesbian and no one cared, it's like, she took it another step farther and says, "Now, I want to be a man". "That will teach them not to ignore me". That is so sad and pathetic to me. What a twitted way to get someone to notice you.


Well, in fact, obese people DO have increased rates of mortality, taking hormone therapy DOES increase your chances of stroke and heart attack, and transgenders DO have significantly higher suicide and suicide-attempts than non-transgenders. So should we keep all of this quiet, just to please Chaz and the PC police?


this is his publicist doing keeping his "name" in the blogs and headlines. its an age old game and they all know it.
you can't sue a paper for "implications"
its all free publicity isn't it now chastity??
buck up sister..... you are getting what you want......your name in the blogs...... YOUR DOING.
sue yourself.

Milena calderon

Who reads that tabloid anyways? He definitely should sue and make them stop posting lies and check their sources not just publish whaterev seems to sell.


chaz, you should sue the paper. not sure what the article implies, but telling people your sex change will kill you in 4 years is crazy, since you have obviously been through enough stress as it is. i think that headline was completely unnecessary.

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