Casey Anthony Taking Some Spanish Classes

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Casey Anthony is taking classes in Spanish. That's great, we guess.

As her probation requires, the convicted check forger is now enrolled in some form of educational advancement, and her course of choice is the Spanish language.

The 25-year-old is required under the terms of her probation to either get a job or go to school. Since no one is gonna hire America's Most Hated, school it is!

Anthony, Casey

She chose to study Spanish because she feels it will come in handy down the road, when she goes back to work in Florida, according to sources quoted by TMZ.

It could also help her when she flees the country. Just a theory.

Casey is taking the classes online, but not though a traditional online college, because of security issues. She is also studying through a private organization.

In other words, no grades will be posted online. What a bummer.

Sources say Casey already spoke a little Spanish, so this was a good fit, and she had even been teaching little Caylee some words before ... never mind.


By the time society makes her pay for the rest of her life ,( she could live 60 more years) she'll wish she had went to prison


Cute & classy, charming & cultured Casey Anthony will complete college courses as another step in the courageous process of rebuilding her precious young life. Let's wish her all the best. She is an inspiration & role-model for all who have suffered injustice.


She really thinks that someone will hire her in Florida or any other place for that matter. The only place Casey belongs is prison.


Please stop reporting on this ELF.