Carrie Underwood Mocks Hank Williams Jr., Kim Kardashian in CMA Awards Opening

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Carrie Underwood and Brad Paisley co-hosted the Country Music Association Awards last night (click here for a full list of CMA Award winners) and did so in style.

They sang a little song dedicated to Hank Williams Jr. and his recent ESPN troubles, with the maligned, Obama-hating singer himself showing up at the end.

Pretty funny stuff.

Then, after Modern Family star Eric Stonestreet joined them on stage to present the first award, they brought up another very crucial event, in song form:

Of course, we're talking about Kim Kardashian's split from "what's his name," Stonestreet said. So they all sang about Kim's marital woes, obviously.

Justin Bieber's alleged impregnation of Mariah Yeater and other events and stars also made it into the number, which delighted the audience in Nashville.

Kudos to Carrie and Brad for a fun, light-hearted intro.


That was AWESOME country stars rock!!!!!!!!!


This was hilarious. I never watch awards shows because they are so boring but I am sad I missed this one.


This is VERY misleading. Hank, Jr. would not have been part of this if they were making fun of him. But this is a Hollywood gossip blog, so nobody should expect truth.


This headline is a little misleading. Hank, Brad Paisley, and Carrie Underwood were actually mocking the ridiculous reaction that ESPN (and liberals) had over Hanks comments. I don't think Hank jr. would have taken part in mocking himself. Watch it again.


love the opening. it was hilarious! lmao.

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