Broke Nadya Suleman Reaches Out to Dr. Drew

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Nadya Suleman recently reached out to Dr. Drew because she felt she was at the end of her rope financially and mentally. Simply put, Octomom is an Octomess.

She has no money to feed her 14 kids. She is overwhelmed, in debt and battling to make ends meet. No one is exactly bending over backwards to help out.

Enter Dr. Drew, the first man on every struggling American's speed dial.

Octomom and Dr. Drew

"I'm in a situation now where we are legally broke. Living check to check. Every single thing I do is just me surviving and trying to provide for my family," she said.

The jobless baby factory went on to lament that: "Right now I'm having a bit of issues with the faucet, so I'm kind of bathing them now in the kitchen sink."

THG NOTE: That's sad for the kids, yes, but who gets artificially inseminated with eight more kids when they're already raising six they can't afford? Absurd.

To help Nads and her children, Dr. Drew offered her schooling to get certified in personal training, a years worth of cleaning services and a year of child care.

Dr. Drew told her after their sit-down, "I've seen how you suffer, that's why we wanted to do this. We want to make this survivable. Your kids survival."

The taxpayers of La Habra, Calif., may want to send Double D a nice fruit basket.

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I love the story.


this bitch is seriously messed up. stop with the handouts already and put the kids elsewhere.


are fkng kidding me. what a stupid bitch. screw her. take the kids away and give them a proper home. she's a foolish cunt


Nadya,Nadya,I saw the house you live in on Dr.Drew wtf i work full time and could never afford such an extravagant home.
The scam never ends does it Nadya?
mobile homes are much more affordable.


Why do poor people have more children than rich people? I can't even afford one child. I have a dog. That's it.


To Nan: Children are not dogs or cats you just "give away" !!! You need to mind your own business and live your own life They are not your kids and you can keep your stupid advice to yourself.
People like you make me sick! Too bad you are so busy sticking your nose in where it does not belong!!!"


At the end of day she has to leave with her decisións good or bad. If social services havent done anything for the Well being of these 14 children everyone else just need to sip it. I just hope everything works out


Poor babies. Something has to be done right away - look at their eyes. Dr. Drew's solution is silly. Nadya must give away at least some of those children, and possibly all of them, at least until she can get some professional and financial help. She is obviously mentally ill and always has been. From the start, you could see that. I'm afraid for those helpless kids.


News Flash: living paycheck to paycheck is not "legally broke" It's something many Americans do all the time. Does she want an award for doing everything to provide for her family, lady that's what your are supposed to do. Instead of giving her money and gifts she needs someone to step in and have her children placed with families that can afford multiple children.


i though some one gave her the house her and the children lived in and her ex said he would help her but i dont think his wife was to fond of that.i think she still has some mental issues to have that many children with no help.alone shes probably about to snap.i hope she gets some help before she does something like andrea service needs to step in before some very bad happens...