Brody Jenner Tries to Protect Avril Lavigne, Receives Bottle to the Face

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Brody Jenner and Avril Lavigne reportedly ended up in a bloody bar brawl this weekend that led to a bottle being smashed in his face at the Hollywood Roosevelt.

Not a bloody brawl with each other, obviously.

Police are still investigating, but the incident happened after Lavigne got into an altercation with another woman and Jenner, chivalrously, tried to break it up.

Then things apparently got ugly in a hurry.


Punches were thrown, cops arrived and Jenner landed in the hospital with a big gash on his face. The Brodster reportedly received several stitches.

Prior to the incident, he tweeted, "Having the best night with the love of my life @AvrilLavigne so happy right now!! .. #Movember CRUSH!! haha".

Just hours later, he updated that, saying "Interesting Saturday night... Just got of the hospital with a new scar on my face.. Charges/chargers!!!"

Sometimes you gotta fight for love ... and get into altercations at clubs like it's your job. Which for Brody Jenner, it always kind of has been/is.


Seriously, Maier?The first hot day of summer, you're conimg over, we're turning off the air conditioning and we're watching Do the Right Thing. That's the only way to do it (as NYers) oh, and we'll be drinking the whole time, too so get ready to sweat but it will make sense when you once watch it.And to answer your question: tragic+one how about that?


F*ck all those who hate avril Lavigne! I hate u all! :(


Hey Broody, I just want to say that your waisting your time being in a relationship, while you should be having fun out in the clubs with your homies, i cant stand to see or hear you in situation like this, sometimes you just have to insane girlfriends, like avril lavigne, shes a shady person. i hate her! you should just go back with Lauren Conrad :) you two were meant to be ♥
well thats all i wanted to say, By the way .. your the handsomest man in this whole wide world, cute, i like your personality, your smile, and your fun to chill with ♥ SWEET LOVING CARING PERSON ♥


what the......


there are all these buttons and widgets for tweeting and booking and liking and all the same. Can someone please make a " Who gives a crap? " button?


Who is Linda Thompson and where did that come from? I don't see her mentioned anywhere.. Are you on the same page as the rest of us, Patty?


I hate Linda Thompson, the goldigger fake from memphis, Yuk! Linda diane, you Suck and you know what i mean..


I thought she was married.


Tom - Please tell me Avril got her butt handed to her. I hate that girl.


LOL...maybe these Hollywood gossip sights should try reporting what really happened. I was there, I saw everything!

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Jayde Nicole, Brody Jenner
The great Brody Jenner goes to all the hottest clubs and is called the Prince of Malibu. He was once on a reality TV show called that,... More »
Los Angeles, California
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Sam Brody Jenner

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[Spencer bails on Brody's BBQ]
Brody Jenner: Just stop flaking out. I mean if you're going to make plans with me then just stick with it.
Spencer Pratt: You're a lot like LC over here.
Brody Jenner: I understand that you're in love. But it just sucks when you just flake out on your homies like this all the time.

You said you've been a bachelor for 23 years... that's good because you're about to get married, and you won't have any sex. I know some married couples, dude. They don't have sex!

Brody Jenner [trying to talk Spencer Pratt out of his engagement to Heidi Montag]