Britney Spears Pole Dances For Joe Jonas

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Britney Spears was doing her thing in concert last night.

Her very sexy, VIP strip club/Cinemax-resembling thing.

The singer, who performed with Joe Jonas during the latest stop on her Femme Fatale tour at Wembley Arena in London, performed on Joe Jonas a bit later.

Britney Spears Bends Over
Britney Spears and Joe Jonas

The pop icon has been joined by Joe for some shows as she tours the UK. Nice to see she's initiated him into the fold by wrapping her legs around Jonas' head.

Jealous much, guys? Ladies?

Maybe not as much as past years. The Daily Mail reported that Britney’s ticket sales have been sluggish and her performances "lack soul." What do you think?

Does Britney Spears still have it?


For cripes sake folks give her a break,she has been doing the same routine since she was a little girl,Can you imagine the hard work it takes to spend the whole show dancing and moving nonstop for the period of time she expected to do is exhausting,Let her do like other singers and just sing so she can let you here her real voice and feel the song.I think too much is expected due to that was her persawma she made as a young girl.get rid of the headset put a nice dress or pants on her and let her show you she has feeling too.


i like Britney before....


Britney needs to stop,she looks a mess and her dancing does noot look the same..OH yea the weight gain is not cute..


Shes hot and i love her entertainment.


This is just nasty. She just made me sick to my stomach. The sex appeal was never really there but now she's just gross.


I think Britney has most definitely come a long way from her last tour. The sex appeal the dancing the energy its all there. The music has never change it only got better.I think instead of discrediting her for everything she does you should be honoring her for everything she done!!!


Ha she looks a little bit fat


Yey 1 comment! Looks like your gossip watchers are going crazy with all the comments on your site. Funny, it does remarkably resemble the exact stories cut and pasted from E NEWS! Aside from your yawnworthy blow by blow account of dancing with the stars.

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