Breaking Dawn TV Trailer: A Pregnant Pause

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A new Breaking Dawn television spot has been unveiled.

The following trailer features new scenes from the November 18 release, as Bella discovers her shocking pregnancy; Edward reacts with anger (and also does some online searching); Jacob responds with fear and questions; and Bella then gives birth.

Yes, it's the most harrowing scene in the entire Twilight Saga and you can get your first glimpse of it now:

For many more clips and previews, visit our Breaking Dawn video section. Enjoy!

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i seen the breaking dawn movie it was awesome and i just cant wait to see it in theaters!!!!


BS low - ratinoaltiy high! Really good answer!


I cryed at this film because it was very emotional and too exciting... I want to watch this film again


jillan cazadez samantha garcia niomi lopez


anybody online anser people or im leaving


the twilight breaking dawn was so exciting i cant believe she drank blood and turned into a vampire i was cring at the end and i clap teenagers were crying so much and laughing


I don't know english enogh i'm turkish


Safak vaktine gtmk icin sabirszlnyorum ama bir de su war 1 sene bolm 2 icin nsl beklnir?


Robert hayatmda gordgm en yakiskli kisi ona bylyorum ayrca kristn ile ck yaksyorlr


2 more days until it comes out im so excited!!!

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