Breaking Dawn Review: Light on Action, Heavy on Heart

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Let's face it: you are going to see Breaking Dawn. It doesn't really matter if every critic give it a worse grade than Jack & Jill. It's really only a matter of how many times you attend a showing this weekend, not whether or not you choose to do so.

Still, what sort of expectations should you have for Edward and Bella's big day? Will it meet expectations?

Yes, says our friend, Joel Amos, of Movie Fanatic.

The wedding scene is a beauty to behold," he writes, adding that "fans will be all sorts of a twitter" as they watch this beloved couple exchange vows.

Taylor Lautner, meanwhile, "excels in capturing a man," someone truly coming in to his own, both physically and emotionally, while "living at a crossroads" due to his unrequited love for Bella.

Don't expect much action in this second-to-last installment of the franchise, but true Twihards will be happy that Breaking Dawn remains true to the book and to Stephenie Meyer's's vision.


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dat movie is so hoty,aspecialy at dat honeymoon scene


I read the book Breaking Dawn and it was terrible!!!!!! So I am not going to waste my time seeing the movie. So please get some better taste.


THE BEST TWILIGHT SAGA MOVIE. many critics who gave it bad reviews obviously never read the books so they didn't understand how perfect this movie is. Just saw it last hour and I had to make sure everyone understands how amazing this movie was compared to the other three. EPIC MOVIE. it stayed true to the book and I think that's the only thing we as fans can ask for. So yeah, GO SEE THIS!!


The movie was the epitome of the romance novels we loved to sneak and read as children. A double dosed (via Edward and Jacob) ubiquitous display of love,the way we once knew it! (I saw it 3 times):)


Well I have been twice already to see the movie, even though the movie critics had given this a bad review. I must say that Kristen had shown a good acting here, and so with Robert and Taylor. One mote time, I'll see again the Breaking Dawn.


I went and seen them all at one time it was wonderful. I also loved Breaking Dawn part 1, the wedding scene had tears streaming when Edward toasted Bella. I can't wait for the last one, hope it follows the book on out. Since Stephanie Meyer has been in 2 of these movie's wonder if she'll be in the last one? I've read a lot of the critic's review's on Breaking Dawn I've come to the discison that it's not what they like but what we like. So all go and see this one.


The movie did not dissapoint. It was the best one yet. It stayed very close to the book, more so then any of the other movies. I will be going to see it again.


No matter what anyone has to say we know we are all going to see this movie.


iam so much in love with the movie nommater which way it comes.


All we ask for is for the movie to be true to the story. People go to see the movie because they love the story. Not because they want action.