Bradley Cooper: Named Sexiest Man Alive By People!

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Bradley Cooper is 2011's Sexiest Man Alive, according to People.

Anyone out there complaining about that selection? Ladies? Hello?

Don't judge the actor by his (great) looks alone, however. A Georgetown grad, he cooks, rides a motorcycle and speaks fluent French. Best of all, he's quite modest.

Bradley Cooper: Sexiest Man Alive

"I think it's really cool that a guy who doesn't look like a model can have this [title]," says the 36-year-old star of The Hangover 2. "I think I'm a decent-looking guy."

"Sometimes I can look great, and other times I look horrifying.

Debatable, to say the least. Another reason to love the man?

Cooper, whose father Charles passed away in January, is especially close with his mother, Gloria. When he learned he'd been crowned Sexiest Man Alive, the "first thing I thought," Bradley says, "was, 'My mother is going to be so happy.'"

He's also available, describing his relationship status as "single 36-year-old male."

What are you waiting for, girls?


oh God in heaven....!!!!i dont like the suit brad is wearin'..!


Am in love with Cooper and I think he really looks great the title suits him so cheers Brad


Nothing creepy about Bradley Cooper!


just alec baldwin...he looks greatttttttttttt


I think he looks creepy. The poll must have been fixed, but who cares.

Camille davis

anyone who says Robert Pattinson is lacking several brain cells - he is NO GOOD LOOKING AT ALL!!! he is as wishy washy as his girlfriend. NOW this man here ^ is a real man... he is sexy, sexy, sexy...good one PEOPLE...


He's ok. Sorry, that's all he is to me.


From my experience I can say Bradley Cooper absolutely yeah!!!


absolutely though i'm still in love with Brad Pitt. i think there's something about Brads...I wouldn't mind finding him next to me in the morning!


I do think Bradley is a very handsome and great looking guy! Don't get me wrong. But Rob keeps getting sexier every year. Think it should of been him.