Brad Pitt to Retire From Acting, Have More Kids With Angelina Jolie?

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Is Brad Pitt already thinking about retirement and full-time daddy duty?

Maybe, and sooner than you might think. In an interview with Australia's 60 Minutes, the Moneyball star revealed an exit strategy planned for his great career.

It involves the half-century mark. When asked how much longer he would like to keep on acting, the 47-year-old answered fairly succinctly, "Three years."

Brad Pitt, Long Hair

That doesn't mean he wants to be absent from the industry altogether. But Pitt says he plans to step off-camera and get behind it, if at all, by age 50.

"I'm really enjoying the producing side and development of stories," Pitt says. "Getting the stories to the plate that might have had tougher times otherwise."

Something he may not be ready to say bye to? Procreation! "You know, I don't know that we're finished," Pitt says. "I don't know yet. I don't know."

Even with six children, Pitt says he "obviously" enjoys the chaos and that all the running around, and even the lack of sleep is fine with him right now.

"Those late nights are so fun when one of them's up or those mornings when they get up and make pancakes or something. That's what it's all about."

Indeed. Watch out, Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar.



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Brad Pitt is an excellent actor. Moneyball was great, and showed his tender, and tough side. Angie takes roles that require physical, and mental stability. Something I think she lacked when her Dad walked out on the family. I love them both, and anyone who faults Angie for the split of Brad, and Jennifer, should turn that mirror around. She did the same damn thing she accused Angelina of doing. Her desperation shouts babies!!!!! As soon as he gets enough of Jennifers money, he'll leave. She is boring.


im not a huge fan of brad pitt however he is a good actor, a better actor than angelina. shesh angelina jolie should retire and save the world from the pain of watching anymore movies with her in it. dont get me wrong i liked her in tomb raider but not she sucks. and they should NOT HAVE MORE KIDS! JUST BECAUSE YOU HAVE THE MONEY DOESNT MEAN YOU SHOULD HAVE MORE KIDS THEY NEED TO FOCUS ON THERE CURRENT KIDS AND MAKE SURE THEY ARE WELL TAUGHT AND WELL MANNERED AND NOT LEAVE IT UP TO THE NANNYS TO DO IT. AND IF THERE GOING TO BE HARD HEADED AND MUST HAVE MORE KIDS THEY SHOULD ADOPT. THEY NEED TO TEAH THE KIDS THEY HAVE NOW AND RAISE THEM RIGHT BEFORE DESIDING ON HAVING ANY MORE KIDS


I'm glad he's retiring, personally I'm sick of him.


Nelly, kind of like Michael Jackson could dance and that made it okay that he molested young boys?


Beautiful people like Brad and Angie, especially beautiful people who donates their beautiful money to less-beautiful people,should have more babies for us to drool over.

John e

Brad,is a good looking man i guess,Let him and ANGELINA have 100 kids if they want,if he can afford them more power to them.Tim not into men.But he sure as hell cant act.That movie about HELEN of TROY was a real stinker for him.


Let him retire from acting (he was lousy actor) and devote himself to his real vocation: fertilizating (M-me Jolie or anyone else).

Maryanne gaeta

I think Brad Pitt is an ok actor, he's nothing great,and seriously who gives a damn if he doesn't make any more movies....As for Angelina and his brood, give me a break, who cares if he has another child or not.....Get out of show biz......Many people don't give a flying f..k, including me......


Jen is a homewrecker too. All you poor Jennifer people are deluded.

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