Barbara Walters Reveals 9 of Her 10 Most Fascinating People

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Near the end of every year, Barbara Walters airs her Most Fascinating People feature on ABC.

And every year the list is more and more ridiculous (in 2010, David Petraeus topped a group that included the Jersey Shore cast), simply a rundown of who has been in the news, as opposed to rankings of individuals who are actually interesting.

2011 is no different, as the journalist has revealed nine of her final 10, saving the number-one spot for viewers of her December 14 special. Let's take a look at the finalists, shall we?

Barbara Walters and the Kardashians

Kim, Khloe, and Kourtney Kardashian: They marry, procreate and Tweet for money. Their total and complete lack of personality is kind of fascinating, we guess.

Simon Cowell: One of the world's most successful music executives. Wears tight t-shirts. Speaks his mind.

Derek Jeter: Perhaps the most boring, least fascinating athlete on the planet. He plays very hard, is respectful of the game and, by all accounts, is a very nice guy. Does any of that make him an especially interesting individual?

Donald Trump: Okay, his hair is pretty fascinating.

Katy Perry: She sings fun pop ballads and wears weird outfits. Is anyone fascinated by the artist herself? Or do you just wanna bop around to "Last Friday Night?"

Pippa Middleton: Acceptable. The public is clearly fascinated by her and for good reason. Total cutie alert!

Eric Stonestreet and Jesse Tyler Ferguson: They are actors who portray a gay couple. How fascinating, right?!? Think it's a coincidence they also star on an ABC show?

So... who will be number-one? Our vote is for Lady Gaga. How about yours?


This looks like a "Bab Wawa" from Gilda Radner on SNL, God rest her soul. I'm pretty sure that lots of people are sick of hearing about all these people, particularly the Kardashians. I don't care if their mother is married to Bruce Jenner. He's had a terrible facelift, and fits right in with the "Gee, I'm so Wonderful to be in the Kardasian Crowd." Excuse me, I have to go to the bathroom and gag now.


Barbara is pathetic for giving the Kardashians any recognition. That woman must be looking for ratings but these people are not even that great she really needs to retire....poor Barbara can not make a good decision to save her show...Now take the View off along with the Kardashians


Not one of these people and particularly not the Kardashians are one bit interesting to me. I guess my list would begin with Robert Pattinson whom I find funny and outrageously good looking and talented. I also find Derek Hough and his sister Julianne fascinating. I would like to know more about Ryan Gosling and Ann Hathaway. Regis Philbin might be on my list somewhere and Jimmy Fallon. I'm not too interested in British royalty, but Prince Harry is more interesting to me than Pippa Middleton.


seriously, the Kardashians? Barbara Walters isn't credible so why would people care who she thinks is fasinating. After all, she is the
idiot that asked Clint Eastwood in an interview "if you could be a twee what kind of twee would you be?"...riveting interview, Barbara...

Regina arrendell

The Kardashians are not fascinating. They are scarey white trash with money. Barbara's list this year sucks! And, FTR, Lady Gaga doesn't fascinate me. I wish she'd act normal and just sing. She has a great voice, but is very off-putting with the schtick. She doesn't need it! I'm much more fascinated by Pippa Middleton, Prince William and his new bride! I can think of at least 10 people that are more fascinating than the people on this list!


It will be Regis. Hasn't he been begging Barbara for the top spot for years? This would be the year for him.


I think it should be the Englands new Royal couple. They are changing the monarchy in a public way. Prince William saves lives in dangerous conditions (just saved some this past weekend). Kate doens't need a new dress for every occassion and I wear more expensive shoes than her most of the time. She shops on her own and cooks her Prince homemade meals. If they have a daughter first, she will be queen regardless if they have a son later (equal rights rocks). Their children and anyone else in the royal family can now also marry Catholics (darn just a little too old for Harry).


As of right now, the only good person in the group is Pippa Middleton..Even if she has Lady GaGa (who is a guy in drag!!), I won't watch it...The only thing I like about the Kardashians, is Rob!!! I won't watch it period really...


We need to stop watching ANYTHING with those K women, boring, ho's, voices like munchkins, and way talent...


Lady Gaga is a good is Justin Timberlake...Johnny Depp...but a Scientist would of been good...or an Author...or even a Humanitarian...