Barbara Walters Reveals 9 of Her 10 Most Fascinating People

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Near the end of every year, Barbara Walters airs her Most Fascinating People feature on ABC.

And every year the list is more and more ridiculous (in 2010, David Petraeus topped a group that included the Jersey Shore cast), simply a rundown of who has been in the news, as opposed to rankings of individuals who are actually interesting.

2011 is no different, as the journalist has revealed nine of her final 10, saving the number-one spot for viewers of her December 14 special. Let's take a look at the finalists, shall we?

Barbara Walters and the Kardashians

Kim, Khloe, and Kourtney Kardashian: They marry, procreate and Tweet for money. Their total and complete lack of personality is kind of fascinating, we guess.

Simon Cowell: One of the world's most successful music executives. Wears tight t-shirts. Speaks his mind.

Derek Jeter: Perhaps the most boring, least fascinating athlete on the planet. He plays very hard, is respectful of the game and, by all accounts, is a very nice guy. Does any of that make him an especially interesting individual?

Donald Trump: Okay, his hair is pretty fascinating.

Katy Perry: She sings fun pop ballads and wears weird outfits. Is anyone fascinated by the artist herself? Or do you just wanna bop around to "Last Friday Night?"

Pippa Middleton: Acceptable. The public is clearly fascinated by her and for good reason. Total cutie alert!

Eric Stonestreet and Jesse Tyler Ferguson: They are actors who portray a gay couple. How fascinating, right?!? Think it's a coincidence they also star on an ABC show?

So... who will be number-one? Our vote is for Lady Gaga. How about yours?


kardashians are fascinating...because we watch their show and they keep us intertaining. In that respect they have fascinated us and intertained us big time. We watch them, we read about them, they became relevent. And Kim is very attractive, so we like looking at her.


This rating loses its' significance by including the Kardashians. Some of the others are questionable. I would have included Anderson Cooper.


Yes, I would most definitely agree with most of the posters. Barb's
list is far from fascinating. To be honest, I would think that a
woman who's interviewed some very interesting and powerful people in the country, would chose these irrelevant people. What a waste
fo time and space.


IF these are the most fascinating people in the world, the WORLD of Barbara Walters is not very FASCINATING. OR the World is a place with 7 billion stupid people.


BOOOOO!!!! ***TOMATO*** BOOOO!!!!! Barbara Walters USED to be a serious journalist...a force. Now she is saying the Kardashians are "the most fascinating"??? How so?? There is nothing about them, other than having a bunch of other fans who pray to the God of Vanity, that is interesting. Here is the thing, I bet there are PLENTY of families that are more disfunctional and interesting than these folks, they just don't have camera's in their home broadcasting it to millions of people.


I say "Forget the Kardashians." They are the such boring people, I don't understand why there is such big audience for them. Let's give Kris an interview and give him the credit for wanting to annul the wedding! GO KRIS


I guess I don't find the Kardashians "facinating" because they are already "out there" with every single detail of their life...what's left to uncover to find anything facinating? I agree with Pippa and Trump. Didn't know some of the others. I guess that shows there aren't really that many facinating people left.


Barbara Walters: Who cares what this old bat finds fascinating. Her talk show is the pits. She should just retire and go away. The only ones on this list that should be are Pippa Middleton and perhaps Donald Trump. Babs needs to go to the old folks home.
As for the Kardashians, PFFFT> Lady Gaga fascinating, NOT IN THE LEAST. SHE CAN'T EVEN SING.


Bab Wawa is right! All the news in 2012 - major social upheavals and revolutions;political and economic crises in the US, Europe and elsewhere;emergence of a potentially major new social movements in Occupy Wall Street and the Tea Party. And the twit chooses The Kardashians? I wonder if perhaps Bab Wawa doesn't have early onset Alzheimers.


Honestly Katy deserves it and I
She's my role model I've watched her grow into an incredible artist in the past year do she truly is incredible fall everyone who denies it.