Astro Sort of Revokes Apology, Believes X Factor Results were "Jiggy"

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Perhaps Astro is not so sorry after all.

Less than a week after sulking over his placement in the bottom two of Thursday's results show, and just a couple days after apologizing for his immature behavior, this 15-year old X Factor contestant is speaking out yet again.

And he's telling The New York Post the show was "punishing" him for an off-camera dispute in which Astro insisted on wearing Beats headphones even though the show has a deal with Sony.

Astro on The X Factor

“I don’t see how you can have the most followers on Twitter out of everybody in the competition and get voted in the bottom two," Astro aid. "So, I thought something was jiggy.”

Simon Cowell berated the finalist, saying his actions last week showed "disrespect" to his mom. But Astro insists his mother was behind him all the way.

"She knew what was going on,” he says. “She was tellin’ me, ‘Just leave. You need to leave and go home.’ It’s stupid, you know. But I told my mom, ‘Let’s at least try it one more time. Let’s get one more week in.’"

Meaning, what? Astro will walk away this week if he's again in the bottom pair? It's unclear, but Astro defends his attitude by saying The X Factor is a "competition."

“We are all fighting to stay here. How you going to say I’m cocky? Muhammad Ali does this. It’s not cocky, it’s confidence," he says. "Where I am from, I had to fight every day just to keep my name, Astro. I had to battle every day with someone on the corner. On the way to school, on the way everywhere... I am not backing down.”


Lisa, you are rigth, I crossed the line. Predicting the future is a bold move. However, however,... there's no reason whatsoever for a 15 year old kid, who by being in the show, have receive lots from everyone, to responde that way. He was the one who invoke "street" and "Ali" and the "need to figth" and to "batle everyone". So I believe , his behavior isn't just a result of a bad's in the genes, bad genes I should say.


He was given a chance to stay (coz' of being a kid , maybe?) in the competition this time, but there will be no more chance next time. "AMERICA" vote the right person.


PETULANT&INSOLENT..Easeeee there boy/girl, how very dare you accuse Astor of being a criminal? I agree he's a cocky little so and so, but who are 'you' to assume he's going 2 be a "future criminal". Perhaps that is why he's trying to better himself and become s'thing better and leave the mean streets of Brooklyn/Queens behind him. What about the other successful Rappers who have made it big in the music industry - allow me to remind you, the majority arose from those same mean streets. Know what? I hope the little pompus lad wins the show. With LA Reid's backing this cheeky chap will make the DOLLARS & then some. By the by, he can be excused for his tears can same be said for another at this side of the pond!!


Just a petulant kit. A future criminal anyway. Go home and get back to the street where you belong to.


Let's make this real easy.. send this little cry baby packing.God help us if he ever makes it in music. nobody likes this kind of ego and bad attitude. NOT MATURE NOT COOL NOT A $5 million dollar act.


I think he will leave this week whether he wants to or not. I thought (and still do)he has terrific talent. What good is talent if you think the world revolves around you? I predict tonight he will definitely be in the bottom of the vote.

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