Astro Sort of Revokes Apology, Believes X Factor Results were "Jiggy"

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Perhaps Astro is not so sorry after all.

Less than a week after sulking over his placement in the bottom two of Thursday's results show, and just a couple days after apologizing for his immature behavior, this 15-year old X Factor contestant is speaking out yet again.

And he's telling The New York Post the show was "punishing" him for an off-camera dispute in which Astro insisted on wearing Beats headphones even though the show has a deal with Sony.

Astro on The X Factor

“I don’t see how you can have the most followers on Twitter out of everybody in the competition and get voted in the bottom two," Astro aid. "So, I thought something was jiggy.”

Simon Cowell berated the finalist, saying his actions last week showed "disrespect" to his mom. But Astro insists his mother was behind him all the way.

"She knew what was going on,” he says. “She was tellin’ me, ‘Just leave. You need to leave and go home.’ It’s stupid, you know. But I told my mom, ‘Let’s at least try it one more time. Let’s get one more week in.’"

Meaning, what? Astro will walk away this week if he's again in the bottom pair? It's unclear, but Astro defends his attitude by saying The X Factor is a "competition."

“We are all fighting to stay here. How you going to say I’m cocky? Muhammad Ali does this. It’s not cocky, it’s confidence," he says. "Where I am from, I had to fight every day just to keep my name, Astro. I had to battle every day with someone on the corner. On the way to school, on the way everywhere... I am not backing down.”


BTW, if you look up ASTRO X FACTOR on Google, you get 2 Million results. However, if you look up ASTRO SUCKS on Google, you get 1.6 Million results. Yeah, there are a lot of people out there who can't stand the whiny little spoiled brat! I hope that he is eliminated tonight. Then, L.A. Reid can hire him and lose $50 Million on a kid who -- at best -- is destined for a Disney hip hop TV show.


You "fought" for the name "Astro?" This whiny, spoiled little obnoxious kid's REAL name is BRIAN BRADLEY. You could tell by the way that his mother defended him last night before he sang that "Astro" is a mama's boy. L.A. Reid talks about how "Drew" sounds the same week after week...but he is a hypocrite because he doesn't say the same thing about a kid who can't even sing (he raps...the same way... ambivalent to the music...week after week). "Astro" has doubt. However, he wasn't even the 13th most talented contestant in the competition.


I would love to take just ONE SHOT at this punk.. just ONE.


He needs a dose of Reality.. He thinks he's entitled to something he does not deserve or has the talent to achieve. Dellussional.


Astro is a one-trick cocky pony. Not nearly the talent of the rest of the youngsters. For the ones who want to "give the kid a chance", stop that. Actions and words have consequences. Best to learn that at 15, rather than later because people pampered him as a youngster. We're all in life school and lessons learned early-on are easier.


Would someone please tell this punk that he is nowhere in the class of Muhammad Ali.


Okay, I was rooting for Astro until the tantrum. So what, if he was in the bottom two? So what if he was only 15? Has anyone ever watched America's got talent? They have children on there that are mature enough to accept they were voted off with way more talent than Astro and without attitude. Was he disappointed? Of course, but just think how the other one felt who wanted to stay sooooooooooooo badly and had to go home BECAUSE of Astro? She fought for her place, she wanted it, and what did it show her. She should be the one with attitude at the moment! I hope he doesn't make it this week either!Not wearing the headphones proves he shouldn't make it. If you want something as badly as he says he does, you do whatever it takes to get it! Wear the Sony Headphones!!!!!


Astro needs to go by his real name Assho.


@goth shutup , you're not people don't use names like 'goth' . try again
and for everyone whining about he was rude, ya'll need to shut the hell up. Didn't your parents ever tell you to stand up for your rights huh? don't get pushed around? all he did was ask his mentor if he should perform, his mentor said yes and he performed. so whats the big deal.



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