Astro Sort of Revokes Apology, Believes X Factor Results were "Jiggy"

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Perhaps Astro is not so sorry after all.

Less than a week after sulking over his placement in the bottom two of Thursday's results show, and just a couple days after apologizing for his immature behavior, this 15-year old X Factor contestant is speaking out yet again.

And he's telling The New York Post the show was "punishing" him for an off-camera dispute in which Astro insisted on wearing Beats headphones even though the show has a deal with Sony.

Astro on The X Factor

“I don’t see how you can have the most followers on Twitter out of everybody in the competition and get voted in the bottom two," Astro aid. "So, I thought something was jiggy.”

Simon Cowell berated the finalist, saying his actions last week showed "disrespect" to his mom. But Astro insists his mother was behind him all the way.

"She knew what was going on,” he says. “She was tellin’ me, ‘Just leave. You need to leave and go home.’ It’s stupid, you know. But I told my mom, ‘Let’s at least try it one more time. Let’s get one more week in.’"

Meaning, what? Astro will walk away this week if he's again in the bottom pair? It's unclear, but Astro defends his attitude by saying The X Factor is a "competition."

“We are all fighting to stay here. How you going to say I’m cocky? Muhammad Ali does this. It’s not cocky, it’s confidence," he says. "Where I am from, I had to fight every day just to keep my name, Astro. I had to battle every day with someone on the corner. On the way to school, on the way everywhere... I am not backing down.”


Kid is a brat. I don't get why he's still in the competition. All he can do is rap. Rap = repetition - same old, same old, same old. Copy and repeat, copy and repeat - talent? Really? lol


BOYCOTT SIMON AND HIS PROGRAMS FOR GIVING KIDS THE WRONG IDEA ABOUT HOW TO GET AHEAD IN THIS WORLD. There is a right way and a wrong way to stand up for urself.....that just wasn't it.


Its just another indication of where this country has gone, down the drain. #1) if an agent signs him they will have the fight of their lives on their hands and I don't belive they are looking for a male diva. so as much a we hate to see him continue, I believe in the end his actions will dictate his future. he won't get a contract and he will be sent back to 'the hood' where his actions are apparently acceptable.


I am wondering if the people who dont like astro even buy rap music? cause if you dont buy rap music then how can you even judge his act? This show is about finding someone with that x factor, its not about finding the best singer. I personally think astro has the x factor, after all do you think eminem is respectful to others? haha he sells alot cause he is cocky


its obvious where the brat gets his bad behavior, from his mother. she raised him to be defiant, spoiled, and obnoxious. why would anyone hire this kid? do the judges believe the general public would pay money to buy his cds? any kid can do what this punk does - screaming to beats isnt a talent. he sounds the same every week. the only thing that changes is the background music. if this show continues to allow no talent trash like this on the show, it will never survive. who would have thought people would be begging for american idol to return!


that egotistical kid needs a good lesson in reality. He is nothing but a spoiled brat that thinks the work revolves around him and owes him. Get rid of him, he's trouble in the making


Why should he care for all viewers who don't want him there? After all they did not pay 200 quid for the privilige of seeing and hearing him. You have the remote in your hands Put down whatever you're gorging yourself on and turn the damn TV off!! I'd pay money to watch him any day


Astro needs to GO! I see where he gets his bad attitude from, his mother! His step-father seemed like a really nice guy. You are not entitled to this competition. You can't even sing, you just talk!


Typical bratty behavior. So he was in the bottom 2 & thinks it was rigged because of his headphones? Really? That fact that he said his mother wouldn't be disappointed in his behavior shows that he's a brat that is used to getting his way. If my son behaved like that I would be so embarrassed & apologize for him. On a side note, are the rap fans really going to take a rapper from a realty show seriously?


astro is just another rapper he needs to go

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