Astro Shows X Factor Viewers What He's Got

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What do you want from Astro, people? He's from Brooklyn!

Following last week's controversial results show reaction - which was either staged by producers or simply a consequence of Astro's age/attitude - this young rapper spent his introductory video last night giving thanks to his supporters. He then kicked off his cover of "Show Me What You Got" with a reference to his hometown.

From there? What can we say: the guy has serious talent! Simon Cowell actually said he admires Astro and appreciates his "unpredictability," while L.A. Reid referred to him as a "gentleman" and Nicole Scherzinger also expressed pride in the performance. Will Astro return to the bottom two this week?

Gauge his latest for yourself:


Astro is a kid who doesn't know how to communicate and he felt like he was alone. People are not perfect so before yall judge him look at yourselves. Benji it doe not do so learn how to rap first. Secondly he has amazing talent and if he gone tonight oh you will see him again


HATERS!!! Watch when he win you guys will have nothing to say!! Last night wonderful


Last week the producers told astro not to wear the head phones made by
Dr.Dre's because they have a sponsorship with sony and he wore them anyways,they should kick him off the show.


i agree with respect. the fact this kid can put together a few rhyming sentences attached to a beat over a week's period is no sign of talent. i can do it right now: astro is an annoying flake, like a wrong ingredient in a party cake, he goes on a tv show, but he whines like an unpaid ho, and he still thinks he will walk away with all the do! i wrote that verse in 45 seconds. wow, astro is "so talented" that he writes his own "music"...people, these are WORDS...the musicians supply the music. this kid has no talent compared with the rest of the conestants and needs to GO HOME!


Just what America needs another ungrateful, disrespectful -- thinks the world owes him - for what ..he can rap fairly fast...please I'm a middle aged woman that has no musical ability and I could rap his lines to perfection. Seriously a contract for this kid with his spoiled rude rapping....Very sad..if he is still on there this week your right Astro it is rigged because I have not found one person here in DC area that thinks you have talent. Your Mom is right - go home and learn some manners.

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