Astro Shows X Factor Viewers What He's Got

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What do you want from Astro, people? He's from Brooklyn!

Following last week's controversial results show reaction - which was either staged by producers or simply a consequence of Astro's age/attitude - this young rapper spent his introductory video last night giving thanks to his supporters. He then kicked off his cover of "Show Me What You Got" with a reference to his hometown.

From there? What can we say: the guy has serious talent! Simon Cowell actually said he admires Astro and appreciates his "unpredictability," while L.A. Reid referred to him as a "gentleman" and Nicole Scherzinger also expressed pride in the performance. Will Astro return to the bottom two this week?

Gauge his latest for yourself:

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Astro was great. Such a talent at that age. He was upset and reacted wrong, but look at his age. With some help he will mature, but you can't stop the talent. Get off the kids back and I'm sixty years old I know. Guide him and he will grow.


It is soooo sad that some people on here, is calling him racist and ungrateful also how he is not singing and rapping. He is confident and yes he is not singing but he writes his most of his lyrics and rap has Big place in the music industry also are you guys forgetting that he is a child. Just because some people don't relate to his music or life, don't meant that you should hate him all name call him...... GROW UP YOU FOOLS and stop hating cause he is amazing he mix's old school to new school and in my eyes and many others HE IS IT!


x factor got it right and people at home ASTRO IS GONE, AND HE CAN ONLY BLAME HIMSELF. YAYAYAYAYA




The X-factor is a business and they are looking for the contestant that they can market! X-factor will make tons of $$$ and in return Pay the winner the agreed pocket change of $5,000,000. Most of them will be gratefull for this money yet I bet that Astro will be complaining that he does all of the work and is only getting a small sum from the evil corporation. Astro is very talented and unfurtunetly he has a huge chip on his shoulder!!!! Personally I think he is racist, did anyone notice when the verse from the 11/30 show whe he should have sang "it doesn't matter if your black or white" he left out "white? He sang, "it doesn't matter if your black or.....". Another show he commented that hip hop is not excepted! He is going to win because he has the potential to bring in billions to X-factor and he will be crying about the peanuts ($5,000,000) that they pay him as per his contract if this little twerp wins. He is an ungrateful punk, yet quite talented.


The X-factor is a business and they are looking for the contestant that they can market! X-factor will make tons of $$$ and in return


Y'all all sound dumb racist haters he never curses he's motivated n who cares if he from the hood we all live different lives u ain't Simon paula l.a or Kim so stop judging what y'all talent cause I think wit guidance n ambition he can be someone big


astro all the way e kid has gat talent


I believe its fixed...Simon and la Reid were arguing and told the cameras to turn Simon wants drew and la Reid wants astro to make people watch..bad plublicity or good it still makes the ratings go up because people tune in to see if astro gets the boot or not and unfortunately someone good has to go...its what is called unfair politics and entertainment..I am so upset I am never watching xfactor matter who you vote for its already been decided..


Why is astro STILL there? All the others sing-its not x-factor RAP-he needs 2 GO asap he cannot handle it he's a baby.give someone who can SING.