Astro Apologizes for X Factor Outburst

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On last Thursday's X Factor results show, Astro was voted into the bottom two - and then nearly got himself eliminated by initially refusing to sing for the judges' vote. It was a disgraceful show of poor sportsmanship.

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    lets not bring race into this cituation. because i know kids of all races that do not respect their parents or anyone else.


    That ''race card'' that was talked about, and there was someone who clearly is lacking in education said ''we will pull the card when ever we want''. Its a crutch, did those terrible things happen to you? Or your parents? Or even your grandparents? Learn from the past don't live in it. We will never advance as a people with thinking (or lack there of) like yours.


    I don't know what half of these people were watching because it had nothing to do about race, it was just a kid showing how immature he really is and that tells me he isn't ready for a 5 million $ contract. Yes he did apologize and that took gutts, I personally don't like rap but Astro sounds just as good if not better than all the other rappers I've herd it would help if he could sing . He just needs to grow up and be a man because he has a future in the music industry and he is going to have to face a lot more criticism, he needs to be thankful fire the fans he has b because there the ones that are going to make him a rich man (boy).


    Astro you need to get your butt kick back to Brooklyn and your Mamma needs to teach you some manors and a lesson on how to be grateful and lose the punk attitude. Until then you need to be kicked off that show and let someone else win. Up to now you are nothing but a loser and a SPOILED BRAT!
    Try taking a lesson from Chris.


    This brat kid is a nobody trying to make it big just like the rest of the contestants. The big exception is he already has a huge ego and inflated self worth because he can write lyrics that rhyme and keep a beat....come on, people. HE CAN'T SING!!!! Do you see the other teenagers on the show acting like spoiled superstars?? No!! Being 15 is absolutely no excuse for being a punk. Astro needs to go back to Brooklyn....yesterday.


    Astro you and your rude attitude need to go home! I hope you lost all your fans!!!!


    Also, if you were bought here against your will I highly recommend going back to where you are from because attitudes like that doesn't make for a good representation of what America is.


    The1, just to let you know, I am not black nor white, do you see the asian race complaining about how we are minorities in this country? Has any Asian ever go on national tv and acted like that? That's because we work hard for what we have and never whine or complain. My point is not to use anything as an excuse. Press forward and do better. And if I lived by what people have done to my heritage, trust me I wouldn't be where I am today. I think my people have endured more in our long history than any other race. But that doesn't matter. It's about not making excuses and not using what happened 100 years ago to make your actions on today. Enough said, I think.


    I think that yes how he acted was childish but again you are talking about a child. as i scroll down and read some of the comments left by adults you are just as childish as he is and acted but he has an excuse he is a child the rest of you need to grow up. as for the blacks always pulling our race card we deserve it and reserve the right to pull it any time for the many years we were beat mistreated and are still are mistreadted brought here agaist our will then made to clean after you people etc. so for our people to pull this so call card we will use it and keep using it GET OVER IT! our people have been hurt for years so our young rap about it talk about it .yes maybe they could use a diffrent approach but we now live in america freedom of speech, and its an art for them a way to stay off the streets. I can go on and on but there is not enough characters on this page.. he aplogized like brittney,paris, lindsey,accept it like you did there's.


    He's a brat, period! When Simon said his mother would be upset at his behavior, Astro replied "no she's not". He comes off at the type that no matter what you say to him he is going to argue & mom thinks it's cute & others think he being tough & acting like a true gansta rapper but in realty he's a little boy on a realty show. He can't hold a candle to Lil Wayne who started out younger then him. What credit in the rap world will he get for being on X Factor? He's a whiny cry baby, Rachel is younger then him & she takes the criticism like a champ & she had a rougher start to life. Astro needs to get the chip off of his shoulder.

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