Ashton Kutcher Retracts Joe Paterno Tweet, Is a Tool

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Turns out, there is something stupider one can do than cheat on Demi Moore...

Ashton Kutcher responded to the news of Joe Paterno's firing last night with the following Tweet: How do you fire Joe Pa?. There were just two problems:

  1. The actor had no idea that the Penn State football coach was dismissed by the Board of Trustees because he played a role in covering up a former co-worker's child molestation scandal.
  2. Kutcher runs a charity that aims to eliminate child sex slavery. Oops!
Ashton Kutcher Red Carpet Pic

Kutcher promptly removed the Tweet and apologized, writing: "As of immediately I will stop tweeting until I find a way to properly manage this feed. I feel awful about this error. Won't happen again."

So Ashton Kutcher has quit Twitter?!? At least something positive has come out of this mess at Penn State.



The point is he comments on things he knows nothing about. He is an idiot. This is how we got Obama.

Carla bare

@Mai-Trang, homophobic or gay bashing much? It's completely possible for Ashton to not have heard of it, especially when you're busy with your own life. I don't condone it, but at least he's made the move of apologizing for the comments instead of hoping nobody noticed. Personally, I don't blame him either, people make mistakes. If you've never made a mistake you're clearly not a human.


don't blame him, he probably didn't collect information well


Poor ashton. He really keeps screwing up.

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