Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore: Behind the Divorce

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Ashton Kutcher cheated on Demi Moore with a 22-year old in San Diego named Sara Leal. Case closed, right? This explains why the actress filed for divorce from her husband of six years last week.

Not exactly, friends say.

Ashton and Demi People Cover

In the latest issue of People, an insider says Kutcher and Moore's marriage "[had] been deteriorating for a long time. Ashton was ready to end it, [but] he wanted to wait for Demi to actually do it. He loved her but couldn't live with her.

Among the issues that reportedly plagued the couple? Their age difference, his promiscuity and her insecurities.

One friend of the actor's goes as far as to say "they were fed up with each other," adding: "If anyone was uncomfortable with the age difference, it was Demi, not Ashton. She drove him crazy after a while with questions and doubts."

Pick up the latest issue of People for a lot more on this split.

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Demi and Ashton knew that when they got married that Ashton was younger and Demi was older. Did they think that one was going to get older and one would get younger? Couldn't see that train wreck coming. But any divorce is sad.


Really feel for Demi. Seemed like they were a really happy couple, then something happened obviously. I'm really disappointed in Ashton. Obviously, he's changed his ways. Not only in his marriage but in the way he's portraying himself. (Not being very selective with his roles on TV.) This 2 1/2 Men role he's playing is really not something I would be proud of. Sorry, Ashton. Would like to see things change around for both Demi and Ashton.


Lets see if I've got this straight! She turns her Back on her Older Husband Bruce Willis for a younger guy. Then the younger Guy turns his back on her for a younger woman. God- its truly amazing how this works out! I just NEVER saw it coming! Probably the 1st time it's ever happened! You made your bed Demi!


Great to hear that Demi is finally leaving Kutchner the underwear model.Now he'll have more time to take more pictures of himself in his tighty whities with those stupid cameras he tries to sell.


She could 4give if these are the only issues


Why is everyone taking sides its not your marriage is it. those reason are probably untrue. Have you even considered that they wanted to keep their reasons a secret. Imagine if you are a celebrity and just got divorced do you want the public know why?. maybe its personal. Just leave them alone


Without Demi Moore this could not be entertainment news.ASHTON should thank Demi for aLL she has done for his career, who the heck had heard of before! I never watched his one sitcom,and movies since prove how goofy an actor he really is.maybe because of his notoriety he Landed on two and half men. But face the truth Ashton,you're in over your head,you will never replace Charlie Sheen.That takes one with a dry sense of humor and hilarous ad-libing. [not you]!


Other than the 3 guys that posted here... I don't think ppl care about this story. Are either one of them even relevant or interesting? I don't think so. He's the luckiest no talent hack in Hollywood.


Think abou this: 1.His age difference {did they not know there was an age difference when they got married}? 2. "His promiscuity" gee, has that ever been a problem in other peoples's marrieges? I thought being maried was to only one person, not the slut of the week who you are working with. 3. "Her insecurities" Who wouldn't be insecure if your mate who promised to be loyal is fucking every dirt bag in Hollywood? DUH....... This guy is a fuckwad...........


Based on what the media is saying about you two. Marriage is something that comes with good and bad. So, when you guys come faced with a challenge you are ready to run. I know that you guys can handle this situation in a more mature way.

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