Anna Kournikova Off The Biggest Loser Due to Alleged Diva-Like Behavior

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Anna Kournikova lasted about as long on The Biggest Loser as a guy would last in bed with this beaut... nevermind.

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    Gotta disagree with "guest's" comments above:

    Growing up in Russia, I doubt that things were "handed" to her. Also, to say that "tennis is not a workout" is incorrect as well. Almost any activity can be tailored from easy to brutal. Also, the philosophy of coaches are the same: If you want something great it takes hard work and commitment.

    Anna may not have had the ability to reach the inner pain of the individuals like Bob or Dolvett, but she still did a good job.


    Yeah she sucks


    I am a trainer and the problem is that she cared more about her own image rather than her clients' health. She has never struggled with weight and does not understand the mental battle. She has been skinny her whole life and her opportunities got handed to her. I'd be shocked if she really even works out.
    Newsflash: playing tennis is not a workout. Sure it can be a great way to maintain health if your metabolism and weight are at goal but playing tennis will never substitute a workout. She has only won doubles and never singles and does not have an understanding of the process...both mentally and physically.
    I'm sure she's a decent tennis coach but she should never ever try to be a trainer because she does not have a clue.
    I would've stopped watching if they would've kept her on the show.


    I'm Glad Ana is leavin the show, she could be a great athlete but she was defenitely not a good trainer, all her contestant were the ones loosing less weight and there was something in her attitude that did not fit


    I am glad she is going. If she just demands that people 'step up' and take accountability it is too much for those on the show. All of the overweight people watching are very upset she does not 'feel their plight' and hold their hands along the way. Boo hoo.


    I am glad she is going. She seemed really clueless about what the contestants were feeling or going through, and really played the perfect part of 'the dumb blonde' in her interactions and her ability to create conflict and set people off. She irked me to no end.


    I for one am REALLY glad that Anna will not be back - she just did not seem to be able to relate to the contestants. There was just something that did not sit well with me every time I watched BL.

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