Angelina Jolie "Can't Hide the Crazy," Friends Say

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Angelina Jolie is freaking nuts. Or so says the obligatory celebrity gossip tabloid cover story that seems to surface like clockwork when it's a slow news week.

Hey, they can't all scoop the Kourtney Kardashian pregnant story.

According to so-called friends and assistants, she's a drunken, child-abusing gambling addict who eats a weird ass diet of cream-based soups. Nice.

Angelina Jolie is Crazy

With six kids, sometimes you gotta drink alone in the bedroom, right??!

If you believe In Touch, the talented actress, director and humanitarian portrayed in last weekend's 60 Minutes interview has a dark side. Or at least a really weird one.

Looking for proof? Look no further than this tell-all quote:

“She was an odd duck, even as a child,” shares the friend, who confides that back in high school, Angelina once wore the same shirt every day for nearly two months.

And, not surprisingly after all that, “she’s still strange.”

Do you like Angelina Jolie?


this woman is a role model and not some fame craved reality actor


Please tell that cone head 'assistant' to have just 2 kids and see if he or she won't be strange. Leave that woman alone. Stupid Goat 'assistant!!!'


This person who wrote this message is a bitch. Your stories are getting old that you have to make up stuff. Such a loser!!!


Angelina does Not take the time to feed into the rubbish that is printed about her and her family. I already know all the I Need to know about Angelina and that is....she remains Awesome!!


these stories about angelina abusing her kids are such crap. Dont u think if any of it was true there would be some proof other then an annymous qoute from some so called friend or assistant.


But she is rich strange! and one of the most beautiful women in the world!


Angelia Jolie has done more for humanity than most people with twice the idle time and 100 times the money that she has. She has children with a man she loves and put her money and time where her mouth is. She adopted children instead of talking about the need of orphan children. Yes she is different and I admire her for the difference.


Leave her alone. I believe she loves those kids. And has helped many. everyone is strange in their own ways. Worry about u. I admire her for being strange, different. She has a sack of loLos and she isn't afrAid to take risks and chances. And has a caring,giving, heart to boot. Everyone is too quick to judge.

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