AMA Fashion Face-Off: Adam Lambert vs. Justin Bieber

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Adam Lambert and Justin Bieber both got their seriously dapper fashion on at last night's American Music Awards in Los Angeles.

Both singers dressed to the proverbial nines, with the former American Idol runner-up donning a three-piece suit and the 17-year old sensation going with a black tuxedo (a stark contrast to his white ensemble during this event performance).

Because neither Adam nor Justin walked away with any hardware from the ceremony, this is your chance to reward one of the artists with an honor. Study their fashion choices below and vote now.

Fashion Face-Off!

Two talented singers. Two fancy looks. One red carpet. Choose between Adam Lambert and Justin Bieber now! View Poll »

Bieber's's girlfriend, meanwhile, also finds herself caught up in a Fashion Face-Off. Choose between Selena Gomez and Taylor Swift HERE.

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Bieber is a loser!! So ugky!! Ugly voice!! Just a little stupid kid which many stupid girls fell for, just because he sings doesn't mean he's something!! He's the badest thing to happen to the music industry!! I don't see anything in him only an ungly little boy with an ugly little boyish voice!!!


Just Adam Lambert! bieber?! he's more girlish than her (!) girlfriend [:)))]


Um... Can't vote for Adam dudes. Don't be mean! ;-p


When I try and vote for Adam I get ERROR404 invalid answer, I'm sure Adam is a valid answer, so what is that?




Agree with you Penelope. Adam is 100% class and master of fashion. Kudos to JB for his dapper look but to put him up against Adam is a big joke.


I am not a fan of either so my opinion should be fairly unbiased... ADAM LAMBERT! I love the suit he's wearing! JB is IMO overdressed. Or maybe its the material that makes him look overdressed... idk. But that outfit is a little mature for his age. And I have a thing for knee-length coats like Adam's


Ha!!!! This is a joke of course?! Ha!!! No disrespect to
the Beib but Adam is a MAN and a legend in fashion itself! No contest and why I'm even commenting, search me! Other than.....
Ha!!!!!!! This made my day!!!! Ha!


Weird! I try to vote for Adam and I get an error! Rigged?


Adam ! Jb looks girlish