Alleged Justin Bieber Baby Mama's Mama Drama: A Battery Conviction

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A new twist has been added to the ongoing Justin Bieber baby mama drama, although this one has nothing to do with the singer himself.

Radar Online has obtained a police report that proves Michelle Yeater - the mother of the girl who claims Justin knocked her up last October - was convicted of battery with serious bodily injury following an incident on 11/7/07.

Records show that Michelle attacked Dominique Ross, a thrift store clerk, and sent him to the hospital with a serious eye injury after an argument between the pair broke out over money.

“It was a violent attack and I had to have an operation on my eye and hand,” Ross told the website. “She called me n*gger and b*tch and I believe it was a hate crime.”

Mariah Yeater herself has also had at least one run-in with the police. She was arrested about a year ago for slapping an ex-boyfriend that she originally cited as the father of her unborn child.

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I miss selena so much.selena if you reading this right now I realy miss you in im so so so so so so so sorry and I will always love selena.selsna is my baby I will always love her.


Im sorry fans that I got her pragnet.i wanted to be still with selena.i loved selena so much me in selena had the best time I realy realy realy miss selena.i will still love selena


just(in) my dream svcire:volevo sl aggiungere ke se poi nn andra bn stai tranquilla .hai pur sempre il piano B:JUSTIN!!!!!!!!!!! e poi ci siamo noi beliebers!!!!!!!!!a cs servono le amike se nn a questo???????


okay, all of you Justin bieber fans need to stfu, you dont know him personally so you dont know what he's capable of. He could've had intercourse with this girl and not used a condemn. I will seriously laugh if the test comes out that he's the father. what will you guys say then? they're lieing? Like you don't know him personally so you dont know what would happen with it. so i think you all should really just stop. and just shut the hell up with "HE WOULDNT DO THAT" cause you dont know what he'd do.


Who is to say that he didn't pay this chick off to keep her quiet, like Michael Jackson did with the kids that he was accused of molesting, or like Kobe did with the girl that he was accused of raping? It happens all the time with celebrities. They are apparently "above the law", as the courts continue to prove, over and over again. If the kid is not his, then why not just do the paternity test to prove it, and be done with it? Because he bought her off. Just watch and see, she will not be in the spotlight at all anymore, because she probably signed a non-disclosure clause along with pocketing the money. So if she talks she doesn't get her money.


Uhmm .. this is pissing me off. i dont see why ppl always have to create drama.. OK.. WE ALL KNOW THAT PPL DONT LIKE J.B. .. OHH WELL!! THEY CAN GET OVER IT.. GUYS: the reason that you hate JB, is because he gets everything you DONT GET ! and GIRLS: the only reason you dont like justin bieber is because your bf's dont like him , and you dont want him to break up with you because of it.


ok i have two young grls ages 7 and 13 that love justin Bieber and i thout he was a good christian kid, but even good christian kids arent perfecrt. we all sin and fall short or the glory of god. i just pray justin does the rite thing with this young grl and baby.if the baby is really his.i knw if he dont my kids will never buy another cd,tshirt or toy wth his name on it.




well what can i say people will make up the dumbest things just to get 5 minutes of fame which is ridiculous but hey u never know if its his or not but im sure he is deasent kid who knows how to respect a lady but well we will find out soon


really i think that they should push the rape charges a bit farter so then maybe she will finally give up this whole thing and really how far is she going to get soon the test will come back and prove hes not the father