Ali Fedotowsky and Roberto Martinez: It's Over!

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Sad news from The Bachelorette world today, as 2010's engaged pair ... no longer is.

"Ali Fedotowsky and Roberto Martinez have ended their relationship," their rep said. "As they go through this difficult time, we ask that you respect the couple's privacy."

The duo's romance unfolded in 2010 on the sixth season of the reality show, when she sent home Chris Lambton and accepted Roberto's proposal on the season finale.

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In October, Ali Fedotowsky downplayed rumors that their relationship was on the rocks, saying there were other reasons for putting their wedding plans on hold.

"We didn't meet in the most traditional way. We had a very short courtship and we only knew each other nine weeks before we got engaged," Fedotowsky said.

"We are still figuring out our lives as individuals."

The 27-year-old maintained she had still planned to tie the knot with her former fiancé. "We're still engaged, we're still living together," she said at the time.

No more. Are you surprised their relationship unraveled? In the grand scheme, dating for a year and a half is pretty successful by Bachelor standards ...


Hehe, hon kan hon med ja! Ja visst, har redan borjat med Dra av srmnrpotua -tricket med Ben! Han kommer nog bli annu battre da han ar mindre och smidigare om man sager sa! Stina kan ju ibland vara lite klumpig! XD Kram


Well I'm a hopeless romantic. From hollywood or not we all deserve happiness an love. Ben maybe just a dwn to earth guy! But I feel that's what america wants to see on theses shows. We want the nice guys to win at the end. An Ben was the nice guy. No skeletons in his closet. As for alley an roberto. Sad. He was so hot. An btw you don't know anyone in 9wks an esp.on the bacelorette show. So love is for all I believe.




Ya'll, let's be honest here...we all pretty much knew that Roberto and Ali's relationship wasn't gonna last. Also, season after season, it's pretty much the same scenario(s) on BOTH The Bachelor and The Bachelorette...they ALL cry, whine and throw MAJOR temper tantrums. And, let's not forget that Kasey and Vienna (also) recently broke up. As for Ben becoming the new "Bachelor"...GIVE ME A MOTHERFUCKING BREAK!!!!! Ben is (1) boring, (2) kind of scrawny-looking and (3) VERY emotionally plastic. I am so glad that Ashley chose JP over Ben!!!!! Furthermore, I think that Kasey should have been chosen as the next "Bachelor" and NOT Ben!!!!! Kasey is (1) WAY BETTER LOOKING than Ben, (2) a WAY BETTER DRESSED MAN than Ben and (3) WAY MORE CONFIDENT than Ben!!!!! Kasey is ALL MAN!!!!! Unlike Ben, who is nothing but a wuss-filled and spineless JACKASS!!!!! And the idiocy, lameness and stupidity on The Bachelor continues..........


oh, well, they were living like they were married? That counts for something! I did think they were a happy, cute couple...but two Virgos?... It's too bad. :(

Maryanne gaeta

A great question is: Why is the Bachelor and Bachelorette shows sooo popular, when every single one of these couples breaks up????? I for one won't ever watch again...especially since i heard that idiot Ben is the new Bachelor...omg...homily, no personality, and boring....Producers wake the hell up.....these shows are going down hill the beginning it was nice to watch, but the same old drama on every show, and again none of these couples make it....Its a big joke to watch.....ENOUGH ALREADY GET THESE SHOWS OFF THE AIR ALONG WITH THE KARD TRASH IANS YUKKKKKKKKKKKKK....


Who cares !!!! I will not be watching this shit anymore especially that idiot Ben !!!!! Take this show off the air already !!!!


Don't understand why this show and the Bachelor are still so popular. It seems that 95% of the "couples" break up.


roberto has d looks but not good for u should ve chosen chris he has d heart


Geez...look at the legs on her! Was she that untoned on the Bachelorette. If I were this Roberto guy, I'd say "good riddance" and be looking elsewhere. He must be a good cook or something...

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