Alexis Bellino Flaunts Nose Job

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Alexis Bellino is a plastic surgery veteran.

The Real Housewife of Orange County has had work done on her breasts and lips, while also having undergone multiple Botox injections. So she was totally relaxed when going under the knife last month for a nose job, right? Wrong.

Bellino told The Orange County Register she was in tears prior to the procedure: “Anything to my face I just couldn’t do it," she said, adding that recovery from the operation took weeks.

Alexis Bellino Pics

Alexis Bellino, before and after. Which look do you prefer?

This reality star is an outspoken Christian, of course, but sees no contradiction in her religious beliefs and her plastic surgery decisions. Faced with criticism over altering what God gave her, Bellino has blogged:

“I believe it is okay for me to have a procedure done on my body because it boosts my confidence and I believe that God wants me to be happy.”


Her noselooks good but that doesn't fix that she is dumb as a box of rocks. Anyone see the debackle she calls her fox 5 segment? She couldn't pronounce her guest last name rambled on made no sense and constantly nterupted her guests. She wore a blouse that showed her nipple sittng on her knee's. ya thats real class!!


i think people underestimate the seriousness of this procedure thinking its that easy to shave off a bump its a piece of bone ar eyou kidding me its alive shiving it off may cuase damage while healing ..he rnose was fine she is the best looking houswife anyways amonug all of them so why was she insecure? she should've just fixed the sinus problems she had..dont shave down bones people


I think she looks good after the surgery, all she did was have the bump shaved down cuz nothing else was wrong w it. If u dont like something why not fix it. Im planning to get the bump on my nose shaved down bc I hate it and the attention it gets!


At least you're still wrntiig, I'm at 43k right now, but have not written a single word since Sunday. I got NaNo burned out LOL! Thank God that I'm hosting write-ins and that will make me write and finish this thing. Keep on it, you will be fine!


Looks like to me she had Radiesse or some filler injected nasal bridge to make her nose seem smaller.


She also does all this work to appease her twit of a husband who spends very little time with his kids a.k.a interact with them. He is not good-looking but he is rich and she constantly makes excuses for his rudeness. Divorce the bum and get whatever financial aid she can from him if he still is rich which I doubt since they downsized to a smaller castle.


It doesn't look much different to me, either. I've had my nose fixed and mine is a huge improvement, I'm told, and I definitely agree. I'm much happier with my nose the way it is now, so it was well worth the money I had to save in order to get the procedure done.If you're going to permanently alter something on your face, get the best surgeon to do it.TYou get what you pay for, always. Itr's not like a haircut, it doen't just "grow back."


She's hot!

Kellie m

Is it different?


Well isn't it nice to have money but try to remember it can never replace happiness. She is just as fake as the nose on her face and everything else on her.

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