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The case against him was looking strong anyway, but prosecution's main expert against Dr. Conrad Murray shredded the physician on the stand yesterday.

Dr. Steven Schafer called Murray's treatment of Michael Jackson "egregious," "difficult to comprehend," and "inexcusable," among other descriptive terms.

In fact, Schafer testified to 17 different "unconscionable" ways Dr. Conrad Murray's treatment could have contributed to the death of the music legend.

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Schafer, an anesthesiologist who wrote the packaging insert for Propofol - the main drug blamed in the singer's death - was damning in his testimony.

He said Murray behaved more like an employee who was following orders than a doctor whose priority was his patient's health, and has no excuses.

Schafer said things Murray did on and before June 25, 2009, are things that every doctor knows not to do – and many led to Michael Jackson's death.

Among his claims faulting Jackson's doctor:

  • Treating insomnia with Propofol in general.
  • Not keeping any kind of medical records at all.
  • Leaving the room with no one watching Jackson.
  • Murray should not have administered the toxic anesthetic and other dangerous drugs in the star's bedroom without proper monitoring equipment.
  • Murray incompetently administered CPR by pushing down with one hand on Jackson's chest, with Michael still on a bed instead of a hard surface.
  • Schafer was particularly indignant that Murray telephoned Jackson's personal assistant and left a voicemail message long before 911 was called.

"That is so egregious that I actually find it difficult to comprehend – you have a patient who has been arrested and you call and leave a voice message for someone ... That is so completely and utterly inexcusable," Schafer testified.

"Dr. Murray was quite clueless as to what to do."

Many of the seven men and five women of the jury took copious notes during Schafer's testimony, the last of the prosecution's case against Murray.

The defense is expected to present its witnesses, including its own anesthesia expert, starting on Friday and will likely conclude its case next week.

The prosecution will then have a chance to call any final rebuttal witnesses. Michael's son Prince Michael Jackson is rumored to be among them.

He is charged with involuntary manslaughter and faces four years in prison.


He took an oath...he broke that oath...end of story...


Shelly is correct. The oath of an MD is to do no harm....and Dr. Conrad def broke that oath. He deserves prison and termination of his medical license. He got blinded by the dollar signs, and MJ is dead becuz of it. MJ probably did have a drug problem...but as a Dr...he shudnt have helped it along !

Tiffany hasenbeck wren


Tiffany hasenbeck wren

The dr took a oath when he got his medical license to put his patients first and never in harms way. He did not none of this. He first is greedy greedy man and should have never been a doctor cause of his lack of compassion for people. He would have killed someone else if they let him keep practicing. He could have said "no" to Michael Jackson's request and got him into rehab, but as I stated he is a greed sob and he should serve time for what he has caused. The children no longer have a father and the mother no longer has a son. Working in the medical field I can tell you-there are good guys and bad and Dr. Murray is a bad guy that does not or never did care about his patient. Let him rot in jail.........


The doctor just wanted some publicity. so obvious


I can't understand some of the comments posted here. Michael Jackson may have been a drug addict, however, he is not on trial. Conrad Murray administered an anesthetic to the man in his home without the proper equipment in place. Murray is a poor excuse for a doctor and should be given the maximum penalty. Just because a patient asks for a drug does NOT mean the doctor should give it to them.




In my opinion, the doctor did NOT honor his oath. He "voluntarily" broke many of the rules when he administered an anesthetic to MJ in his home without the proper procedures in place. Regardless of whether MJ was addicted to drugs or not...he is a doctor and should not have done what he did. Yes, if MJ was addicted to drugs, he might have gotten another doctor to administer the anesthetic, but Murray is the one who actually did it, so he should pay for his stupidity and hunger for money with time in prison. Being a drug addict is not a crime...being an irresponsible doctor who contributes to a patient's death is.


& btw, im not excusing Murray, b/c he SHOULD HAVE known better. He def dont need 2 b a Dr. Way 2 money hungry


& like i said, MJ was a grown man, who was doin' drugs b4 Murray came along. Pills r already a rough drug,& once they stop help'n ur pain, u move 2 sumthn else. F MJ loved his kids...SAY NO 2 DRUGS!!! Take responsibility 4 ur own actions. Murray shud b chargd wit sumthn, jus NOT inv.manslt. I guarantee u that MJ had other Dr's, even BEFORE Murray came along

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