Why Does Everyone Hate Teresa Giudice?

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For those not keeping track, the only person more unpopular in New Jersey these days than Teresa Giudice is The Situation. And maybe Snooki. Probably JWOWW, too.

But Teresa's castmates seriously detest this woman, as was made evident on last Sunday night's Real Housewives of New Jersey reunion special, and again this week when Caroline Manzo went off on her former pal.

Now, In Touch Weekly screams, it's worse than anyone thought!

Teresa Giudice In Touch Weekly Cover

Why all the disdain? It's a matter of jealousy and money, a source tells the tabloid, as Jacqueline Laurita is allegedly bitter over Teresa's lifestyle.

“I’ve seen her husband Chris’ credit cards declined numerous times,” this mole said of Jacqueline's struggles, even accusing Laurita of selling a photo of Joe Giudice and another woman that led to this infidelity rumor.

Teresa, of course, has pretty much invited the scorn of her co-stars.

She recently claimed the only reason Melissa Gorga married her husband was because of his bank account.

“We were out to dinner with a few other couples,” Teresa says of an incident that took place early on in Melissa and Joe Gorga‘s relationship. “She got a little buzzed, and she said she didn’t like him when she first met him. ‘But then,’ she says, ‘I saw his house.’”


After watching part 2 of the 2011 reunion and all I wanted to say was "Caroline shut up" she thinks she knows every answer to everything, she butts in to everyone's lifes and most times she just interferes to get her face on camera, her ego has gotten out of hand, and by attacking Theresa she knows she will get the most attention, Enough Caroline worry about yourself and stay out of other people's busy.


Teresa is an idiot! She is completely back tracking on everything she has said and done th season. Does she not realize its all on tape... Yikes! What the hell is wrong with her???


Caroline is a hypocrite with the "destroying my family" BS. She attacked and bullied Danielle mercilessly and was most certainly was harmful to Danielles young daughters. Caroline needs to get off her sanctimonious throne and take a look in the mirror. Integrity is also about how you treat other people and she and the entire Manzo family bullied a single mom who was not stable and her young daughters were the victimized by it. After reducing Danielle to "garbage" Caroline then stood up for the lying, 2X drunk driver, reckless and dishonest fraud, Joe Guidice. Shes an authority on how to be a bully and a hypocrite. I cant stand Teresa either. They deserve each other.


champagne lifestyle on a beer budget


Isn't a bit far fetched to think that Jacqueline who has never been "flashy" would be jealous of Teresa's lifestyle? Also, Jacqueline's husband loves her. Maybe Teresa is jealous of Jacqueline...now this much more believable.


Wow! In Touch Magazine will put Teresa's face on their cover and less than true statements about her cast. Sure way to deflect from her own problems...mainly her cheating lazy husband.


When you put your "personal business" out there for all to see. Don't be disappointed if everyone does Not see everything your way. By all indications, Teresa's brother adores Melissa, and that is Not going to change. If anything Teresa is going to be swimming around in more boiling hot water for claiming such a tall tale about Melissa.
A little food for thought:
Teresa has bitten off more than she can chew in dealing with the other housewives. For whatever reasons, she has turned them off, which means that other family members are going to be turned off to Teresa. Appearing on covers of magazines telling her side is Not going to help anything either. The best that Teresa can do is to try and go quietly back into life in New Jersey. We all know that ain't gonna happen because she like attention too much even if that attention is proving to be an embarrassment to all the families involved in this modern day Peyton Place atmosphere!!


her eyes are too far apart

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