Why Does Everyone Hate Teresa Giudice?

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For those not keeping track, the only person more unpopular in New Jersey these days than Teresa Giudice is The Situation. And maybe Snooki. Probably JWOWW, too.

But Teresa's castmates seriously detest this woman, as was made evident on last Sunday night's Real Housewives of New Jersey reunion special, and again this week when Caroline Manzo went off on her former pal.

Now, In Touch Weekly screams, it's worse than anyone thought!

Teresa Giudice In Touch Weekly Cover

Why all the disdain? It's a matter of jealousy and money, a source tells the tabloid, as Jacqueline Laurita is allegedly bitter over Teresa's lifestyle.

“I’ve seen her husband Chris’ credit cards declined numerous times,” this mole said of Jacqueline's struggles, even accusing Laurita of selling a photo of Joe Giudice and another woman that led to this infidelity rumor.

Teresa, of course, has pretty much invited the scorn of her co-stars.

She recently claimed the only reason Melissa Gorga married her husband was because of his bank account.

“We were out to dinner with a few other couples,” Teresa says of an incident that took place early on in Melissa and Joe Gorga‘s relationship. “She got a little buzzed, and she said she didn’t like him when she first met him. ‘But then,’ she says, ‘I saw his house.’”


In response to the comment about Melissa, saying Money can't buy you class, I would respond regarding Teresa; Money cant buy you intelligence or the ability to realize your own faults.


Teresa is an idiot and her husband is a gangster and racist. He calls Teresa's brother and his wife all kinds of nasty names and Teresa just laughs at him. I don't hear anyone else say nasty things like that. I also believe Teresa's parents have bought into it and they believe what Teresa's husband says. Teresa needs a reality check.


Because Theresa is an idiot. She knows her husband is a racist and she sees no wrong in him but want to point out the flaws in other people.


Why do people hate Teresa ???
She has let fame get to her head in a negitive way. She over spends to show off, spoils her
girls terribly with material things, is in denial about her debts , defensive as hell when
someone brings up her negitive behaviour and holy than thou attitude. Jealous as hell of
anyone who has it better than her.
Defends her husband's bad attitude, drinking problem, womanizing, forges
of signatures, shady business ways, insults comments of her family, disrespectful of her,
makes fun of his children when they cry. She is married to a PIG, and no one respects her for it.


I hope t hey fire Theresa, she is a mess and really is making a fool out of herself. She was suppose to have money trouble, look at the clothes she buys her kids,the things she buys,she is out of control. I don't enjoy waching the show anymore because of her loud mouth and fake attitude.She thinks she is perfect and she is not.


Let's answer your title question: they don't. There are idiots who think she's OK. When she's GOT to be the stupidest - and most arrogant - woman on an RH, and that's saying something. She CANNOT speak beyond a 2nd-grade level, and she wrote books?? She thinks shaking her head in wonder means that bankruptcy fraud isn't a felony? And I think most of her vile attitude was because she is unable to actually process the accusations made at her.


Teresa is the typical Italian-American princess who wil always be the moving force in creating family turmoil - there's one in every family. I know whereof I speak - what the world sees on tape is no different than any other Italian-American family I know of, including the one I grew up in.
She thinks she and her immediate family can do no harm and everyone else is out to get them. In her case - everything is on tape, and even after seeing the tape, denies any culpability or malice. And BTW facia bruta Teresa, frying your meatballs is "normal" Nonna (& Tzi'Bri & Tzi'Maria, etc) fried her meatballs in olive oil before putting them in gravy - it keeps them from falling apart and seals in the juices. I used to like Teresa until this year, her true colors are showing and they look a whole lot like Danielle's.


I hope the show drops Teresa next season her & Joe's finacial problems and breaking the law while the show is filming her is just wrong it does not set a good example for struggling family's thinking they can lie and cheat and break the law to get rich quick. What kinda mother is she this is not good publicity for her kids are her parents I would be ashamed of myself . Teresa is all about her fake self and trying to seek fame & fortune from this show at her family's expense thats Sad. Teresa be the good mother & sister you say your suppose to be concentrate on your kids so they don't have to have all this drama haunt them for the rest of there lives. I would never buy her cookbook I believe she copied Bethany from Skinny Girl Margarita and trying to get a spinoff like Bethany It will never happen Teresa your Annoying and Fake be real for once in your life.


Maybe you can tell I was not happy with the reunion this season I feel even Andy was very harsh on Theresa, you ruined the show for me, I really liked the show then you moved in Joe and Melissa this season and I feel they are very crude, fake people who really brought the show down to their level. Kathy and her ugly husband are not the best thing either. Just stick with the old format, you ruined the show, Attacking Theresa was not pretty to any of us.


Melissa talked out Theresa all season of housewives, started trouble where there was none. She is a jeolous sister in law, she should be a naturally pretty as Theresa. Money and Makeup that is what Melissa is all about, she can't sing without hiring recording help to cover for her out of tune voice, we all know it had to be fixed to even sound good. Too bad money can't buy you class Melissa because your mouth all season shows just where you came from before the money and Joe arrived on the scene.

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