Why Does Everyone Hate Teresa Giudice?

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For those not keeping track, the only person more unpopular in New Jersey these days than Teresa Giudice is The Situation. And maybe Snooki. Probably JWOWW, too.

But Teresa's castmates seriously detest this woman, as was made evident on last Sunday night's Real Housewives of New Jersey reunion special, and again this week when Caroline Manzo went off on her former pal.

Now, In Touch Weekly screams, it's worse than anyone thought!

Teresa Giudice In Touch Weekly Cover

Why all the disdain? It's a matter of jealousy and money, a source tells the tabloid, as Jacqueline Laurita is allegedly bitter over Teresa's lifestyle.

“I’ve seen her husband Chris’ credit cards declined numerous times,” this mole said of Jacqueline's struggles, even accusing Laurita of selling a photo of Joe Giudice and another woman that led to this infidelity rumor.

Teresa, of course, has pretty much invited the scorn of her co-stars.

She recently claimed the only reason Melissa Gorga married her husband was because of his bank account.

“We were out to dinner with a few other couples,” Teresa says of an incident that took place early on in Melissa and Joe Gorga‘s relationship. “She got a little buzzed, and she said she didn’t like him when she first met him. ‘But then,’ she says, ‘I saw his house.’”


If teresa does not serve time Ithink she and her husband will continue
to defraud.


I hate her because she's a shallow, insecure dullard whose 15 minutes ended a few years back. Jealous of what Teresa? Your simian knuckle dragging felon of a hubby? Your tacky decor? Nope not jealous of anything you have. I have brains and real talent.


I think the reason every dislikes her is because she lies constantly and she is a moron saying things that make her look stupid. Every show she says something and then later says she did not say it. The cookbook comments, the things she says to her brother etc. She also thinks the world is wrong and she is perfect. No on on this earth is perfect... but some are closer then others. Teresa is at the end of the line. She's ugly, arrogant, big headed, a dope and a liar on top of it all. Her husband is a Jerk*ff too... with his stupid grin. I hope he ends up in jail!


Very true.
Teresa is a low class and dumb individuum. There is nothing to be jealous about.


Whatever happened to "turn the other cheek" or "sticks and stones can break my bones but words will never hurt me"? I would be afraid I would get struck by lightening if I said the hurtful things they say to Teresa. Give her a break...look at what she has been thru and continues to go thru. And Caroline, who does she think she is?? Talk about an elevated ego...ugh!


I hate Joan Teresa I never thought I'd say that but they're losers


The real problem here is simply that Theresa is an idiot. When you look at her face there is nothing there, no lights on. To try and deal with someone like this is an exercise in futility. Her husband is a low life scam artist and she knows but can't face the embarrasment. She is a horrible mother as is evident in how bratty and self deserving they are. It's a shame that these people bring carbon copies of themselves into the world to poison it.


on youtube under joe giudice, cheating is a pic of joe holding hands with girlfriend. this girl was a friend of danielle staub n that's y teresa freaked out on her on watch what happens. they say joe has a love child n joe & teresa's marriage has been on the rocks for a few years now. karma?


Great sci-fi. I find herypsleep, and its theoretical consequences fascinating. For all we know, we may owe our own existence to the act of one of these farmers.


Crazy much? Anger management...


Teresa is a mean spirited, jealous and greedy person. It's true she hates that the other ladies are being taken care of. She really thinks she is better than them all. She even actually thinks she has taste and sets the pace. Teresa knew Joe's business deals were shams and the money was stolen. She is fake from head to toe. Her anger comes out when the truth about her is brought out. Every time camera is on someone else she jumps in with a comment to get camera back on her. Teresa you are not beautiful inside or out. Take off fake eye lashes, fake hair and make up and you look just like your brother

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