Tupac Shakur Sex Tape Bidding War Erupts

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Two companies are engaged in a battle to buy the rights to the Tupac sex tape we told you about Monday, and the rights are not gonna be cheap.

Neither company has even laid eyes on the footage yet, but both are serious about securing the rights, and the bidding is already into six figures.

One of the potential buyers is YouPorn - like YouTube, only with ... yeah - whose owner, Corey Price, has offered up to $150,000 for the 2Pac tape.

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According to sources, however, the person in possession of the tape believes the offer is "way too low" and is willing to hold out for more money.

The seller has been in contact with a second, unidentified porn site, which has vowed to to beat the current offer but only if it can see the footage.

If you missed the story, the 1991 Tupac sex tape shows the late rapper at a party, receiving oral sex while rapping, drinking and smoking a blunt.

Classy, Tupac. Larger than life, even in death.

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Yea that was for u leo! Fukin lame


What's with the animosity towards the GOAT, like Charlie said, do your fukin homework before u speak, ur just making urself seem like u hating on PAC, it's not his fault u must wish u had it like that! And still took the time to help the community, should I even speak about how influential his music is, I wanna know who the fuk ur idol u Fuken lame


Leo he did pleanty of things 4 the community, he was starting a charity event along with snoop dogg and mc hammer, they were supposed to do things like perform for students who would keep a 2.5 gpa or higher. he was politacly active and was the president for the black panther party 4 the youth. he actually crtized pleanty of artist like michael jackson and eddie murphy for not helping the misfotunate youth in america. he was very involved politaclly, its no secret, i suggest u do ur homework on a person u dont even know of or about before u crtizise them and let me know if u want links of some of his interviews?


Well pac was a icon in his time and he did change the climate of hip hop music. I miss his presence, as far as sex tapes, so be it I'd like to hear the unfinished track playing.


This story makes me disappointed in the human race. How low must we stoop as people to actually want to watch this and/or profit from it? I am just stunned and disgusted.


Is it Now considered to be Vogue to revisit the sex life of an out of control singer who died violently. Dare I say, there is Nothing famous about Tupac Shakur, if anything "his character" is well known for a lot of the wrong reasons. It is one thing to attain fame, and quite another to use that fame in a positive manner to influentially help others. I would appreciate knowing anything good that Tupac offered for the betterment of others including charitable or mentoring activities that anyone can speak about. PEACE!!

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