THG Asks: Is Columbus Day a Legit Holiday?

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Today, THG Asks: Is Columbus Day a real holiday?

YES by Hilton Hater

I'm sick of Christopher Columbus getting so much flak simply because he essentially stumbled upon America. The famed explorer still got the job done, didn't he?

This makes him akin to Dr. John Harvey Kellogg, who set out to feed patients via a strict vegetarian diet in 1894, mistakenly left boiled wheat sitting out and - bam! - invented Corn Flakes.

Should we take these off supermarket shelves, too?

What about the microwave? Percy Spencer meant to create a new vacuum tube when he stumbled upon a melting candy bar in 1945. His intentions were to help people clean, but I'm not about to tell readers they can't zap their leftovers tonight.

And don't even get me started on Post-Its, which were originally invented by Arthur Fry in 1974 to hold his hymnal bookmarks in place while singing in the church choir. I proudly remind myself of that fact everyday, and you'll never guess how.

The point: we all make mistakes. But not everyone's result in the greatest nation the world has ever seen. We're all here. And we can celebrate that one Monday each October.

Christopher Columbus Picture

This is Christopher Columbus. We're pretty sure, anyway.

NO by Free Britney

Today is one of those "holidays" I always forget exists.

Why do we need a random second Monday in October off? Can people not read celebrity news as a fun break while leading otherwise productive lives like any other day?

And you wonder why U.S. schools are fading. Kids should be there right now ... learning about why Christopher Columbus is no longer deserving of a national holiday.

At this crucial juncture in history, we must look to forward, not back. Our nation now is nothing like it was 50 years ago, let alone 500. It's time to recalibrate.

Yes, Chris discovered the New World. That was awesome. It was also 1492, and he was sort of lucky. Point being, we were settled. Great. Now let's move on.

Those lucky enough to have jobs in these troubled times should be working, not sitting around reflecting on the genocide of the American Indian. In exchange, how about we designate the Monday after the Super Bowl instead. That would be worth celebrating.

THG Asks you ... is Columbus Day a real holiday?


Bloody evil genocidal murderer ! That was what Christopher Columbus was ! I fucking hate him !.


Bloody evil genocidal murderer !. That is what Christopher Columbus was !. He is the guy who brought death and destruction to the Americas who enslaved, killed and butchered native Americans !. I fucking hate him !. I want Columbus Day abolished more than ever !.


The irony of the word, "holiday".
Martin L. King died 4 equal rights, got assasinated, N again that we mourne... I understand. A guy says the world is says the world is round N he gets kudos 4 it. J.F.K. died 4 his beliefs, but was remembered 4 so much more. I find it all ironic, the land that Chris obviously stepped on had humans, not dinosaurs...




its definatly a bs holiday, my husband is part native american and I had to sit here and explain to my children yesterday that it shouldn't be a holiday in honor of christopher columbus. That native americans already lived here and he wasn't even the first non-native american to ever land in america. Which was kind of confusing for elementary school children when that's all they are being taught in school!!


First, Columbus did not "discover" anything. As another guest has mentioned, the land was already occupied. But for those who say, ok if we're going to argue over semantics, then he is the first "non-native," again, no dice. That honor goes to a Spanish man. And for all of those who apparently need help with information gathering and research skills, I'll leave you to "discover" who that man is.


all this for a man who thought the world was flat.


Military personnel (even overseas) get 2 days off for Columbus day. Hell I'll take that for a little extra time to spend with my hubby. If ya do get Columbus Day off you should be voting yes it's legit. Who wouldn't want an extra day off work?


He gets flak because he couldn't discover something that was already occupied. That's like me getting credit for discovering your house.


wait, who actually gets Columbus Day off?