The X Factor Names Top 17

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There were a few surprises (no Brennin Hunt?!? No Caitlin Koch?!?) and a few scripted moments of drama (Simon flying to Florida to invite Melanie Amaro), but The X Factor named its final 17 last night.

The following hopefuls, categorized according to the show's groups, will soon perform live for your votes...

Simone Battle
Drew Ryniewicz
Tiah Tolliver
Melanie Amaro (Below)
Rachel Crow

Over 30
Josh Krajcik
Dexter Haygood
Leroy Bell
Stacy Francis

The Brewer Boys
Lakota Rayne
Stereo Hogzz

Brian Bradley
Phillip Lomax
Chris Rene
Marcus Canty


Simon has made my television viewing easier. Now X-Factor is not on my schedule. It was bad enough when he picked the talentless Shirley Temple imitator to go to the finals.
How could he not pick the total package Caitlyn Koch? Finally Simon has lost it!


LA Reid is black...its not that mean he can't be RACIST...he's BIG TIME RACIST...F U !!!


I loved jazlyn and feel she could have won the whole thing. How could Simon say no to her and keep the girl with the lips. She can't sing, she just yells off key. I think he needs to prove something about her to the other judges. Made me sick.. THE TOP 5 GIRLS SHOULD HAVE BEEN Jazlyn, Caitlyn, Melanie, Rachel, Drew.
I agree with lo lo, L A Reed saying no to country singer with talent and keeping boy rapper who can't sing at all> was prejudice. He had "boys" not Motown!! The really cute hot guy should have been there too!
Chris Rene is my favorite with Josh, LAKOTA RAIN, AND DREW


I agree with you too LOLO!!! That lil "rapper" is too conceded!


Chris Rene and Melanie Amaro are my fav's!!! I could've jumped in the TV when Simon let Melanie go... But soooo happy that he realized he MESSED UP!!!!


totally agree with you LoLo...very disappointed!!


so LA Reid tells the country singer he's basically 1 dimensional because he only sings country. But the little brat boy that raps only raps. He doesn't sing or do anything else. That's not fair. Simon should've sent through the girl who plays rugby she was great instead of the girl who forgot the lyrics.


chris rene is the BOMB!!!!!


They should call it the crap factor! Seriously the show is lame and predictable.

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