The Situation on Snooki: I Never Got It In, But ...

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Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino is setting the record straight about his alleged smush session with co-star Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi. He never got it in, however ...

"We didn't sleep together," he told Chelsea Handler, contradicting what he said on the fourth season premiere of Jersey Shore. "But we did something else."

"Well, I didn't do anything. She did something."

Snooki and Sitch

When the comic host asked her buff guest to dish on the hookup, she likely didn't expect she would hear that specific an explanation, but hey, Sitch calls it like it is.

Mostly. He also lies and stirs up drama quite a lot. As for Snooks, her boyfriend must be so proud that she went down on Mike and boned Vinny while they were dating.

Snooki has also denied sleeping with Sitch, so it looks like the truth is out ... though we're not sure how kindly she'll take to him blabbing about the details yet again.

We know how well that went over the last time ...

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He is a douche bag but I don't know what she was thinking if she did what he said she did. At first I didn't want believe it but as the show went on, I was convinced he was telling the truth.


I think Mike is probably the most real out of all of them! Although he should have his man card pulled for even looking at Snookie the girl is a troll!


Mike is a loser who does nothing but causes DRAMA.I love Sammi nd Ronnie so much well actually I love em all except MIKE hes a douche bag nd like 40 somethin years old .. foh lmao




situation looks like squidward..haha


I cannot stand this ugly fat frumpy thing. How the hell can you call that thing pretty or talented is beyond belief!!!!!


Who cares! These people are irrelevant, mere puppets dancing half naked on an empty stage, awaiting the applause from their brain dead audience. If you all stop clapping maybe we will get lucky and they will go away!


snooki keep looking good.


i think the situation lie to much.

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