The Real Housewives of New Jersey Reunion Recap: It's Bash Teresa Night!

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It was bash Teresa Giudice night at The Real Housewives of New Jersey Reunion but she certainly invited the abuse. THG breaks it all down in our + or - review ...

Jacqueline Laurita bowed out of the event. Minus 5. I always thought the players were contractually obligated to show up for these things, even when they all hated one another and looked like fools at the end. But it looked like Bravo let her slide.

The turmoil had something to do with Teresa and an event that took place in season four which was currently being filmed. I suppose that's more reason to tune in next season.

Giudice on the Defensive

Caroline earned a Plus 12 when she admitted she was mean to Melissa and Kathy Waklie at the start of the season. She had judged them on what Teresa had told her before ever having met them. That was unfair but at least she owned up to it.

Teresa still swore what she wrote in her cookbook was nothing but a joke. She won't say which of her three sister in laws she was insulting and sees nothing wrong with throwing out barbs about Caroline's son. Minus 8. There was nothing funny in what she wrote and she can't see anyone's opinion but her own.

We had to sit through yet one more showing of the christening debacle. Minus 5. I hope to never have to watch that nonsense again. At least the housewives had the decency to lapse into stunned silence after it was shown.

Melissa Gorga earned a Plus 10 for admitting that her husband helped escalate the fight. That's progress. Another Plus 10 to Joe Gorga who supposedly told Caroline he regretted his actions and knew he was going to get a public beating after it was shown. Of course Caroline was blunt as ever and agreed with him.

When asked, Kathy said that Teresa and Joe Gorgas' tempers were acceptable. That they're just passionate people. Bull. Minus 11. They're adults who should know better than to scream, curse, and throw things like foul mouthed toddlers having a tantrum.

Real Housewives of NJ Reunion Pic

I don't mean to be the grammar nazi but what is with the "yous"? Listening to the Housewives families speak was like watching My Cousin Vinny week after week. Minus 10.

I almost couldn't believe that Teresa Giudice could tell Melissa she wasn't a good wife because she didn't invite herself to the premiere party while she was in the hospital with a newborn, then went on to accuse her of marrying Joe for his money and followed it up by saying Melissa was the one ruining things. "We're in a good place. Why are you going back there?" Does the woman not listen to what she says. She's the one who was dragging out past history. Minus another 10.

Did anyone else get the feeling that Teresa's completely clueless about her family's legal and financial troubles or that bankruptcy fraud could end them up in federal prison?

Her "call my lawyer" response to Andy was the smartest thing she said all night. Plus 8.

Plus 15 to Caroline Manzo who called the entire conversation a "whirlwind of stupid." Yup. That about sums it up.

We'll be back for part two next week. In the meantime, here's where the points land ...



Looks like the devil in the blue dress fooled all of you i can't belive you all fall for that phoney woman she is sooo full of it i can smell it from here did you hear the things she said "You did not tell me you were going to be on the show" as if they had to ask her first ? "Your not a good Wife" Who is she? Liar Liar Liar


Andy, shame on you for allowing what happened on the first reunion RHONJ. You sat there with a big grin on your face while they tore Teresa apart. That was not humor or a reunion, it was a bashing party and you allowed it to go on and also enjoyed it. If I were Teresa, I would sue the whole lot of you. Who are you or these other women to tell a Mother what her children should get for Christmas. Caroline needs to get a life, Melissa I thought was Ok until she started her crap and she should stop thanking Jesus, he would not condone what she and all the rest of you did to Teresa. The one that bakes cookies, she is desperately trying to put up with that guy who is her husband, someday she will put her head in the oven while it is on. Teresa, you came out on top, I know you have a temper but you must have something to make the other three soooo jealous of you.
Good Luck, I am buying book no 2.


Is something mentally out of balance with Theresa? She does not seem to be alert on any matter that comes up.


these ladies sit there and argue over things that basically don't have anything to do with them. why are they all getting into some one else's business any way.


@ Minnie, if Melissa is sweet, the pope is a Mormon. She is a total ego manic show off who sings so bad she needs auto tune to make a song. "Singers" today aren't real singers. At least in RHOBH no one is selling anything. Thank God!
@ Onetwopunch Danielle destroyed herself. Total ex convict nutjob. I may not be a fan of Caroline but Danielle is dangerous to herself and others and needs locked up. The Manzo's were only protecting themselves against her threats.


I love Teresa! I don't care if she is in la la land. The Manzo's are all boring. And they think they have so much class but really they don't. Melissa and her sisters and Kathy and especially Kathy's husband dog Teresa out behind her back and then claim that she is the one who treats them badly. Seems Teresa is just reacting to the way they treat her. Melissa loves the fact that she came between Teresa and her brother. Teresa just because you are related doesn't mean you have to be friends. Bravo needs to give Teresa her own show. That would be great to watch!


Theresa is on "I've Lost My Mind" drugs. She is sooo jealous of everybody and it shows. I love Melissa, she is very sweet but she should punch Theresa in her ugly face. And Caroline is getting her payback for what she did to Danielle. Braveo! please fire Theresa. Thank you.


Caroline should remember the way she tried to DESTROY Danielle with her judgemental stone throwing before she talks about how Teresa treated her. Caroline enlisted her entire family to gang up on Danielle who was a single mother, emotionally unstable, and with no husband to protect her. Danielle's children were beautiful and well raised, so she wasn't all "garbage" as Caroline branded her. I think Caroline is the biggest hypocrite. This doesn't excuse Teresa, who is jealous, petty and mean. Her daughters (with the exception of Gia) are wild and socially backwards. Milania doesn't appear to have a sense of right and wrong. Teresas more concerned with dressing them up like dolls other than that she doesn't pay attention. This doesn't excuse Teresa. Her


I love watching Teresa make her bold faced lies. Does she think everyone is clueless just because she is? She and her husband Janky Joe are so...apelike. They lie like thieves, whether its about his drunk driving arrest, their bankruptcy declaration, or fraud. Teresa is a lowlife who is bigger than life. What would the show be without her though? Its a cheap penny opera and thats why we watch. It will all come back to Teresa in some way though. She is creating bad energy and it will come back to haunt her.


I would love to see Caroline get on her pony and ride straight to I love myself town. What a hilarious sight last
Night to see her sit there poking her lips out as in a pout. She thinks she's so cute. Pleeeeease! Old lying Harpee
Disgusting ugly whiney b....! She is so sickening, has no class and eats like the pig she is, as evidenced by the
Last episode on the porch with her kids and boyfriend to someone, Greg, waving her fork around with both elbows on the table and talking with her mouth full of food. She doesn't even remember all her lies and mean hateful things she said about Theresa all season, as well as her children's hateful remarks. It was not fun to see everyone, including Andy, gang up on Theresa. Really Andy it should have been more evenly divided as to the stupid things done by Melissa, Kathy, Jacqueline and Caroline.

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