The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Recap: Are You on Crystal Meth?!

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Sometimes, game night just won't end. Well, it has to eventually, but it sure feels like it goes on forever on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

Either way, THG breaks it all down in our weekly +/- review!

Can someone please get Kyle to stop bringing up the four year old peeing at the party. Yes, Brandi could have handled it better but get over it. The kid's four years old. Things happen. Minus 5 for not being able to let it go.

Pissed Off Brandi

Brandi doesn't take the insult to her parenting skills well, and to be honest, who would? But as the fight escalates so does Brandi's cursing and then she accuses Kim of being on crystal meth. Minus 10 for taking it there.

Although it's obvious Kim has issues and they could be narcotics related, Brandi has no proof other than Kim's odd behavior and several trips to the bathroom. That's a serious accusation against a woman she just met.

Plus 12 to skinny little Taylor who jumps into the fray to stop the brawl. That took some guts. But Minus 10 to Dana who lost control of her own party and didn't seem to care. In fact she seemed to egg it on.

What is up with Dana anyway? Is the woman really that insecure. She'd obviously do or say anything to try and fit in with this crowd. That may make her nuttiest of all.

Honestly, is Kyle that naive that she doesn't know what crystal meth is? Minus 5 for coming off both righteous and clueless at the same time.

Lisa says she's glad she didn't attend as it sounds as if she'd have been "drowning in bimbo soup." Yeah, I can't say I disagree.

When Taylor and Brandi sit down to lunch all Taylor orders is a latte. Minus 7. Please, someone get this woman to eat something. She's literally disappearing in front of our eyes.

Plus 8 to Brandi for admitting that she's partly to blame for the game night fiasco. Kyle and Kim acted just as poorly, if not more so and neither one of them can see it.

How long was Kim using air freshener thinking it was breath spray? Wow. This girl has issues.

OK, what is with the wedding planner. He does remind me of an Asian Martin Short from Father of the Bride. Talk about over the top but he took it way too far telling the bride what type of dress she was allowed to wear. Minus 20 and if it were my wedding I'd follow it up with a "you're fired!"

Taylor Freaks Out

The enchanted garden theme for Pandora's wedding sounds lovely but one million dollars to make it happen? Lisa earned a Plus 10 for asking if the party favors were going to be bags of money but she gets a Minus 15 for hiring the guy anyway and not hammering out a budget. Just because you're rich doesn't mean you should allow yourself to be taken.

Camille put together a lovely charity event in honor of her mother but was she getting ready for it in her closet or a private boutique? My first apartment was smaller than that. Hell, Plus 10. If you can get it, go for it.


Looks like we get a spa day next time. I don't think they'll have enough aromatherapy and massage oil to ease this tension. Tune back in to see if I'm right.


Adrienne is a class act and called it. It did not matter to Adrienne that a four year-old peed in her yard. Don't try and correct someone else's child when you are not in charge. Heck, I know that adult men when given the chance to pee outside do it. Ask most any man. My dad, my stepfather, my uncle, my cousins, my brothers. Adrienne did not mind and it was her yard. Kyle and Kim were out to get her. It was Brandi that had the remorse, not Kyle and Kim. So far as intellectual, Kyle is no Einstein. Not that college is the end all be all, but so far as attaining knowledge, did she attend University? Glass house? Kyle has just looked for a reason to get at Brandi and that was mean. I wonder if it was Brandi's obvious beauty?


Ooohhhh, I almost forgot. Kyle is so jealous of Brandi that she can't see straight. If I were Brandi, I'd be sure to flirt with Mauricio every chance that I could. lol


I felt sorry for Brandi because of the way that Kyle and Kim treated her. They were both immature, bitchy, and acting like bullies towards Brandi. Brandi may have been wrong in that Kim was on Crystal Meth, however, I really believe she was on something and I think Kyle knew it. Why do you think Kyle followed her to the bathroom each time? Because she was trying to keep her from taking anymore of whatever she was on. And, SHAME ON LISA for taking Kyle's side after hearing only one side of the story. The only two mature people on the episode were Taylor and Adrienne. Even though they both knew who started the whole thing (Kyle and Kim), they both managed to remain neutral. Dana is a wannabe and a groupie! Get her off the show!


I was very disappointed in last nights episode. The attack on Brandi was totally uncalled for. Kyle thinks she's so tough. She should step back and be nice. She has daughters of her own. She wouldn't like them being treated the way she treats Brandi. And karma might strike and her gorgeous husband might fall in love with someone else. She is a bitch after all. All these women judged Brandi from the beginning and don't like her just because she's friends with Sedrick. What a shame! And as for Kim, calling Brandi a slut. She's so stupid. In the beginning of the episode she compliments Brandi's shorts.And says that she was going to wear shorts. Then when she's attacking her she says she looks like a slut in her shorts. How stupid. Lisa is really showing her true character. They all acted horribly! What a shame. That just goes to show that all the money in the world still doesn't teach you to have class! NO CLASS LADIES!


@ Meg- YES finally somebody that agrees with me! Kim is definitely on something and I think Brandy had every right to stick up for herself!


To Bill R: What on earth do comedians have to do with this??? The point is that people with no vocabulary generally resort to obscenities as their back-up. Are you implying that comedians use obscenities because they don't know any other words?


Lisa, take the two hundred friends, charter a jet to Jamaica and rent out a five star hotel for five days and have the wedding there. Then pocket the $300K you save and give it to charity for runaway children. Or have the wedding here and tell me how I can be a guest to get my bag of money.


To kka, Do you ever listen to and like any comedian's acts that use foul language?


She's not on meth and for someone to insinuate that, they no nothing of what someone on meth looks like. She has all the signs of being sleep deprived (not from meth). Brandi is trailer trash and Dana is the one who's on something (snort, snort). Along with Taylor or Shana or whoever she is, Dana is also a fraud. For heaven's sake Taylor, please get rid of the lip implants - you look like a deranged duck.


Kyle and maybe Kim need to ask forgiveness from Brandi. And QUIT picking on a four year-old child, who appears to be more mature than Kyle. The hostess took the wrong side. Why would someone take the wrong side? Maybe because she wanted to fit in and be part of the show. Terrible hostess. She needs to ask forgiveness.
Kim is in deep trouble. She needs to get professional help. I know a woman who was taking prescription drugs and acted very strange and ended up in the hospital. Looks similar.
SOMEONE GET KIM HELP NOW!!!! Appears she is a danger to herself.

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