The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Recap: Brandi Glanville Ruins an Otherwise Relaxing Spa Day

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The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills are back for a decadent day at the spa and THG is here, as always, to break down all the drama for you, +/- style!

But before we get massaged, tanned, and exfoliated, let's hit the kitchen with Adrienne and Lisa. Why? Heck if I know.

For some unknown reason Lisa is teaching Adrienne how to make a chicken dinner. But I ask again, why does Adrienne need to learn how to do this? She has a personal chef on site and she obviously hates to cook. Minus 5 because seriously, what is the point? She can't even find the salt and pepper in her own kitchen.

Adrienne Maloof Cooking

Then things get amusing. When Lisa tells her to wash the chicken she uses dish soap to scrub it down. Plus 11 because I can't stop laughing. It's just so stupid.

Add an additional Plus 7 for the looks poor Bernie is shooting them as these two defile his kitchen.

From there we move on to Lisa meeting up with Malcom at his 60,000 square foot palatial estate. Apparently we'll be seeing one heck of an engagement party here for Pandora next week. Any idea who will be using the commune bed? Minus 6 because I'm pretty sure I don't want to know how many people have been in that bed, either separately or all at one time.

On to the spa day. Is it just me or does Dana Wilkey seem like more of a ditz every time we see her? She simply parrots whatever anyone around her says. Her need to be accepted borders on scary.

Adrienne invites everyone to a spa day. Who knew that the spa is in Adrienne's home? Now I'm truly jealous. Plus 20. You'd have to drag me out of my own personal spa. I'll give Adrienne credit, she certainly knows how to spend her money.

And did you see all of the goodies her personal chef made for the ladies. I can't say I need to have edible gold but how do I get an invite to this party?
Worst Spa Day Ever

Minus 5 because Kyle is the only person I've ever seen go in for a facial in full makeup and come out the same way.

Kim's late to the party. There's a shock. Minus 7 because I'm not sure she's capable of arriving anywhere on time. And what was up with Kim and Kyle's trampoline adventure in their robes. That was just odd.

Finally Brandi Glanville arrives and the tension rises. Adrienne tries to play peace maker without much success. She convinces Brandi to apologize but really doesn't back her friend much when things border on heated. Minus 10

After the fact, Kyle at least admits that she and Kim weren't angels in all of this. Plus 8. They were complete bitches to Brandi before she blew up on them. I do think Brandi was way over the top but she also has my sympathy. It doesn't take much for Kyle and Kim to come off like the evil step-sisters.

Kim refuses to speak to Brandi and that's no surprise. Kim looks so brittle. Like she could shatter at any moment. I don't know what her issues are but her mental state frightens me.

Poor Brandi

Does anyone else want Lisa to shut up. Last week she was telling Kyle she was being rude not speaking to Brandi at the party but I'd rather be ignored than listen to the snide comments Lisa makes. Minus 10. This isn't her fight. She should stay out of it.

I agree with Kyle. They really should have gotten their summit meeting out of the way first and then had their massages. 

Overall, Adrienne's spa summit wasn't a huge success but everyone at least walked away with glowing tans and freshly scrubbed faces just in time for Lisa's extravagant engagement party for her daughter.



Lisa does not respect her husband. Husbands have
there opionion to, just like at Lisa and Ken's daughter's birthday party, her husband wanted to say something, and she says dont be mushy, very ignorant of her, to bad she doesn't have the class she thinks she does. Adrianne loves her lifstyle thats why she puts up with her
husband but it's not because she respects him. The other girls I like, I feel so bad for Taylor, and her daughter,she is so sweet.I'm
not saying Kim is on anything, but I think she is very troubled., but I think the guy she met is real and seems to think a lot of her. I hope it works out for her. Brandi has a potty mouth.she
acts like a school girl, and who wears hills on crutches???


I agree that these shows are losing their appeal. Dina Manzo said something like "it used to be a television show about our lives, but it turned into our lives being about a television show".. RHOBH doesn't ring true, the setups seem fake, the attacking and bullying seem baseless and cruel. Bravo is encouraging bullying, and the karma train will come back to Andy and his bully girls (Kyle being a prime example) for it. It always does. The show is not about their lives anymore. They set up these scenarios and tell them to act out for the camera. Kyle is an absolute beyotch. It's getting harder and harder to watch her cruelty.


I have the greatest respect for Brandi. Way to stand up for yourself! To see Kyle backpedalling now that fans have such disdain for her is hilarious. Kyle is such a phony. The following episode at the spa where Brandi tried to genuinely apologize to Kyle, Kyle continued to aggressively go after Brandi stating "don't talk about my sister" yet, last night on Andy Cohen's show Kyle called in to let fan's know she really is sorry for her role in attacking Brandi. Then Kyle goes on to say " It's so different for me when I'm around my sister, she brings out different thing in me".
Kyle spare me, now you want to blame Kim who only got involved when Brandi countered your "IQ test, your first" comment by saying "bring it bit**". Kyle you are the root of all that is evil and Camille and I saw right through you.


Lord knows I love me my Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, but someone needs to defend Brandi against the Sisters Grimm. What can I say? I feel for anyone who calls themselves a slut.


First -10 to Brandi for coming on the show with both barrels blazin and she should say something to her son for pulling down his pants in front of little girls! After this episode I feel sorry for her for being the dumb super slut that she professes to be! She felt she did not owe any apologies...they all owe each other more than one. + 5 to Taylor, looks like she ate some of the cookies she baked last week! -9 to Dana she trys way too hard, + 4 to her for comments on WWHL that night! +6 to the newly humbled Camile for laying low, but -4 for still making snide comments. Love Lisa, she is the nicest and classiest one on the show. -10 for Adrienne for the soapy chicken and +10 for trying to make peace. -5 to Kim for not wanting to make peace and another -5 for tardiness. +7 to Kyle for admitting wrong, twice!


OMG these women are just white trash with money!! Grow up! I loved the first season of the Housewives of Orange County. They went on outings and not one fight only a little peek into thier personal lives and struggles. Now its nothing but dumbass women lookin like catty jealous fools that should be ashamed of how they look on national t.v.!! Andy Cohen is laughing all the way to the bank and Hell for giving housewives a bad name... And by the way the definition of a housewife is a wife that is a homemaker and there is no mention of maids, nannies, or jobs outside of the home so i suggest these ladies take a long look at who they really are!


Malcom? Seriously? Listen, if you can't get the facts straight, then don't bother making a review. P.S. Lisa was doing her job as being a loyal friend to Kyle, something that Kyle doesn't know the first thing about. She backed up Kyle even when she doesn't know all the details. And Kyle and Kim are being serious bitches by not explaining how horrendous and disgusting they treated Brandi. Lisa is confused by the whole thing. But she knows something is up between Kyle and Kim and they are not telling her all that went down between themselves and Brandi.


Again, your facts in this blog are off. His name is Mohammad, not Malcom. It's be nice if you had one with no mistakes.


First of all what is Brandi doing on this show she has no money , no husband, no manners and no brain !! Get her off I liked it better last year when you saw how they lived and kim and kyle fighting , Dana too makes me sick she is a gold digger who gets pregant off of rich old men , get her off too. Charo I mean (Adrienne) please she just wants to poision her Quacky Dr. husand with a chicken dinner ..That room is the sheik's house looks like a total orgy room to me I hope he cleans the sheet on a daily basis.LOL !! Camielle seems to be the sane one this year keeping her mouth shut and letting Brandi get the abuse !! This season is not making me want to watch I already gave up on the housewives of NJ ( Cant stand them anymore) and this show is doing the same , Bring on the HOusewives of ATL (Cant wait for Ne-Ne at least she tells it like it is )

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