The Kris Humphries/Kim Kardashian Kover Khronicles: Is the Kouple Kaput?

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Are Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries at a krossroads? Or is this kouple helping to plant stories in the media in order to hype season two of their upcoming reality show?

We'll let readers kome to their own konklusions, but two new tabloid kovers are emphasizing the ongoing rumor that this marriage is koming to an end.

Kris vs. Kim Cover Story

First, Us Weekly quotes an anonymous, hilarious source who says the newlyweds "are not getting along at all. Kris is not drinking the Kardashian Kool-Aid, and it's causing major problems."

The main problem actually centers around the NBA lockout: with no games to play, and no income at the moment, Humphries is allegedly a drag to his new wife, according to a friend who cites an October 21 argument between the pair:

"She told him he need s to do something productive... He needs to get off his ass, like, yesterday."

OK! Weekly, meanwhile, reports that Kris is very different than the rest of the family.

He just isn't very nice, and Kim thinks she may have jumped into marriage too soon.

“Kris has a mean streak,” a confidante claims. “He can be cruel, a jerk; he doesn’t get that what he does has consequences and that people can have their feelings hurt. He says whatever comes to his mind.”



aloha. KIMBERLY K IS 2nd 2 none in BLISTERING HOT SEK C! mahalo aloha hb


Bottomfeeders who won the lottery ticket. KK is a sordid ,low creature who is continually scamming her way to fabricated faux celebrityhood. Horribe looking ,plastic,waxy face and a meatball stature.skanky fashion non sense. Just a joke.


Kims talent is that she has a fat ass.Life is so unfair.


kris Humpries is the worst...I actually only see one real relationship with-in the three sisters...And that is Khole & Lamar's marriage...I wish Kim all the Best..Kris does not respect her or her family, she needs to just let it go and not force the marriage. He is not the right guy for her...NEXT

Maryanne gaeta

The thing that kills me is when people comment and they say we are haters....first of all, how can anyone love these Kardashians....being really honest, i would say its geared more to jealousy, than hate. that is such a strong everyone on the planet knows, these Kardashians are famous for being famous...what have they ever done?????? Wowweeeeeeeeeee they owned a boutique then got a reality show, and now have a clothing line out, perfume, etc. etc.... mama kris is a money hungry bitch....the only one i truly feel sorry for is Bruce Jenner....He is such a nice guy, and i don't get how he got involved with her....they always treat him so shabbily, and he should just take his money and run, run, run, run.................nuf said........

Maryanne gaeta

The way i feel is if Kimmie K. wants privacy with Frankenstein, its waaaaay too late....when your in the public eye so to speak, what the hell does she want..... the entire kardashian family makes me want to puke.... they are all soooo messed up....mama kris and all of them love the publicity....what a joke...give me a break....this was just another gimmick to make headline news, and no one really cares.... and i totally agree with deb.....these two are totally not a match, a miss-match is soooo right...she is a midget and he is godzilla in the making......nuf said....


First Kim needs to get her Mother MRS KARDASHIaN out of her Business. Let her go back to being Bruse wife.Kim cant go any place with out the mother there. Dont she have any friends. She even had a face life to try to look better than her daughter at the wedding.Kris take the money and run. It aint going to work out for you two. If you dont you will be sorrrry.


In my 50 years watching TV I can't remember ever watching a more pathetic Group of individuals. Mama Dash is Priceless! Needless to say the Apple - it don't fall far! Kourtney and that whinning ass voice. Have these "Cali" misfits ever worked a day in their lives? You "So Cal" people have got to be Proud- Such a Benchmark these are! Democrats for sure! Useless to the core! By the way- Whats with these K's? They should rename that show- "House Full of Ho's"


I'd say they look more like beauty and the beast, shes so small and dainty, I hate when people try to rager to her as fat, have u seen this woman in a bathing suit?!!!!!


They just don't look good together. She looks like a little round dumpling standing next to him. They are a major mismatch!!

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