The Kardashians Want to Invade Your Home

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Lock your doors, everyone. The Kardashians are koming for your kitchen!

As first reported by TMZ, the most polarizing family on the planet has filed paperwork with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office to use the name "Kardashian Kollection Home" on its impending product line.

Khloe Kardashian, Kris Jenner, Kim Kardashian

What does this mean, exactly? In the near future, expect to be bombarded with Tweets and Facebook messages about the family's new bath mats... hand towels... sheets.... picture frames... blinds... beer mugs and anything else they can slap their faces on.

This won't be the first time Kim has sold her body and entered America's home, of course. In 2007, she had sex with Ray J on video. She has since ridden the success of Ray J riding her straight to a multi-million dollar empire based on her mother's savvy and her assistant's use of social networking.



Like these hookers even cook.


Swank Products that you can never get clean. Bath wear how ironic. You want to take a bath just thinking about the Kardashians


hahahaha bathmats, to soak up pee after ur golden shower lol


He threw you off a 10 foot high dock and could have caused a serious injury. Hello what do you need to see? He is a big dopey child.
He probably grew up in a cave


He acted like a caveman. Kim what were you thinking.
Cavemen don't change.. Once a caveman always a caveman


i love rihanna she is so pretty and i love her songz a lot @ $ &


i love kim she is so pretty and i am glad tht she married chris cause thay really go togetther cause thay r a good couple


wow they are definetly over board this time what do they want to become overnight billionaires what and kris jenner is so delusional


dont watch this loser family and wont put a dime in their pockets.


They are an abomination and it is up to the people not to buy or watch their crap on tv. I certainly don't. WHy would anyone buy from them especially Kim who let a man piss on her in a sex tape. Some kind of role model for young women outhere. MB

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