Terrell Owens 911 Call: Was This a Suicide Attempt?

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Moments before Terrell Owens was rushed to an L.A. hospital for a possible drug overdose on October 6, his assistant said she felt T.O. was trying to kill himself.

During the call, placed at 11:02 p.m., the dispatcher asks the assistant on the phone, "Was this a suicide attempt?" Owens' assistant responded, "I believe so."

Listen to the 911 call pertaining to the former NFL star below:

T.O. was famously hospitalized back in 2006 for a similar incident, but insisted he just had a terrible reaction to painkillers and didn't try to commit suicide.

He has yet to comment on this month's overdose, however. Was it a serious bid to off himself? A half-assed Bernie Madoff suicide attempt? A freak accident?

While she was on the phone, the woman told the dispatcher T.O. was "talking to his girlfriend, ex-girlfriend ... [I] don't really know what you wanna call it."

What DO you call Evelyn Lozada these days? We've wondered.


Probably wasn't thg fault. It was probably the fault of whoever they stole this from. They never write original articles. Get most from tmz, then I read an article calling tmz shady and not reliable. What a joke! These aren't great journalist anyways, just people who sit at home all day going through different gossip sites stealing stories and switching a few words around. Idiots.

Kellie m

@dummies I was just about to say the same thing. Evelyn Lozada and Chad Ochocinco are together. No idea who TO is with, if anyone.


She's with Chad Ochocinco NOT him. Journalism at its finest.

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