Teresa Giudice to Melissa Gorga: You're the Devil!

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The Real Housewives of New Jersey painted an absurd family portrait on this week's season finale - but they aren't finished yet!

The women will get back together on Sunday night for what Bravo is hyping as the "most dramatic reunion" in show history. Wow. The writers must have been up late penning the script for this one!

Look for it to be highlighted by an exchange between Teresa Giudice and Melissa Gorga in which the former snaps at the latter: “You’re the devil. You’re wearing red.” Watch a sneak peek at the contrived madness below:


Theresa's husband Joe is a pretty nice guy and Melissa she is a very nice girl and the producers know how to twist things around on the other hand Melissa's husband is who he is on the show a real ****off !! He causes alot of tension between the families ..He has a screw loose !!


Melissa is the devil. Hard not to sympathize when Melissa did this to her husbands family. She's out 4 herself and that's it. She cant even sing, yet destroys her family further. This girl NEEDS the fame Teresa has & apparently everything else she had also: her friends; her hair dresser; her photographer; her clothes (which really?); & her stylist that has "great" ideas for Melissa because she'll go with "less" clothing- like tying a scarf around her naked top. Thankfully, they gave us a break from Joey's naked parts!
The best part, is that Caroline Manzo & Jacqueline Laurita (sp?) leave their friend to follow her. Way to go, Caroline. How horrible you look!
I'm humiliated I still watch & can't believe how downhill the season went- and don't kid yourself- Melissa has been behind the majority of the Teresa take-down. She does love to be "On Display" and her "display" toward her family has been too ugly!

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