Teresa Giudice to Melissa Gorga: You're the Devil!

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The Real Housewives of New Jersey painted an absurd family portrait on this week's season finale - but they aren't finished yet!

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    teresa needs her ass beat she is nothing but a stupid bitch there is really something wrong with her


    no one that is not a professional should give advise to other's if they don't know they do not know what compassion is or what it is to be in someone else shoes of life. caroline you said in one these stupid espisodes if your gonna walk the walk or talk the talk, you might want to apply that to your self and stop judging others no one is perfect like you or so you think.


    Teresa is a nut! She is downright mean to Melissa and everyone else.
    I have zero respect for her. What a loser! Get her off of the TV.


    teresa is is a plastic zombie faced misshaped breasted troglodyte forehead backstabbing lying jealousy ridden psychotic "hoowa". she dresses and looks worse than a bootleg down syndromed tranny. her envy of and negativity towards everyone else -especially her sister in law will be her ultimate downfall




    i hate melissa and kathy. kathy is a jealous bitch traitor cousin. she would be disowned in my family. Melissa is trying to act like an angel on the reunion show by talking calmly and egging teresa on telling all of her business and making her look like a selfish person when this is exactly what melissa is. I can't believe how dumb caroline is. What a bitch. Melissa has divided a family and that is the ultimate hate filled move that anyone could make. She will probably be divorced in a few years once Joe gets a brain.


    Lets face it, Teresa is nutz and headed for more disaster. I can't wait for the law suits start in season 5 for defaiming her costars. Both libal and slander await.. if she lasts that long. Boy what a piece of crap she is.


    geez, talk about ganging up on someone.Whether or not theresa said she wanted to make up with her brother, whatever she said was said to someone she Thought was her friend in a moment of anger and now caroline is airing it out on national t.v. I think it's gross how they are all trying to pick on her, when you can clearly see that she's loves her brother very much (remember the book signing). And Kathy is just jumping on the band wagon bc she's still pissed that theresa called her out at the christmas party and ruined her whole "wise and peacemaking" image that was trying to make everyone believe. And DON'T EVEN get me started on Melissa. Seriously girlfriend, get your own persona, stop copying your sister in law, learn how to say median, library and all the other words we learn in 8th grade and stop trying to fuck up your husbands family.........................BITCH!!!!!
    ok...I feel better now :)


    Are you people watching the same show as I am. You are rediculous if you think Teresa is not to blame. She is nothing but a white-trash trouble-maker and yes the baby was left unattended at the baptism. Melissa has tryed to extend the olive branch and she acts like she accepts it when she really is just putting the knife in Melissas back more! I trully feel sorry for the little girls this is what they have as an example and thats sad. You should see that Teresa is stabbing everybody on the showin the back. You know they say if you keep losing friends then you need to start looking at yourself. She (Teresa) needs to take a long look in the mirror and really look at the reflection that is looking back at her!


    the page below there is a typo, i meant to put in i hope melissa words and ugly behavior dont push that little girl off the edge! Sorry for the typo

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