Teen Mom Reunion, Part 2: Who Wants to Get Pregnant Again? Who's in Jail?

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Teen Mom's third season is officially in the books after Part 2 of MTV's reunion special. So how did their "checkup" with Dr. Drew go? What did we learn Tuesday night?

Picking up where last week's special left off, with Amber Portwood walking off the set after mourning her sister's crib death years ago, Dr. Drew aired a SIDS PSA.

Too little too late to help the downward spiral that is Amber, but still, class move.

Dr. Drew spent much of last week calling out Farrah for her behavior this season. This time, we spent the majority of the time catching up with Catelynn and Maci.

Catelynn and Tyler revealed that his dad, Butch, wasn't sent back to prison because of a drug test, but for violating a no-contact order and meeting with wife April.

When Catelynn's mom came on stage, Dr. Drew asked, simply, "What the hell?"

Pinsky is kind of the man after that, we'll give him credit. As is Tyler. Why?

"She's an amazing woman…always reassuring me that she loves me. I get emotional because I love her so much." He said these words about ... his mother!

What a sweetheart, even if there's no reason for he and Catelynn to be on the show anymore. Who doesn't love them as a couple, at least a little bit, right?

Catelynn and Tyler (Teen Mom)

Finally, Maci Bookout expressed her desire to get pregnant. Again. At 19.

"Emotionally and mentally, I'm in mommy mode," she said, making Kyle King cringe a bit by adding, "I wouldn't get pregnant without getting married first."


At least Maci and Ryan both seem resolved to keep things amicable for Bentley. Speaking of, him running over to sit by his favorite person - Farrah - was priceless.

What did you think of the Teen Mom reunion?

Do any of these girls show signs of maturing, or are they just destined to run into more trouble down the road? Share your comments with us below.


I think Amber needs to grow up she needs to work on her abusive behavor I'm glad
gary left her least he had alot of heart. If I had
chance I would date gary I can show gary alot of love that Amber didn't. I give
alot respect and I have
better commucation not
agueing alot.


I think Amber needs to grow up she needs to work on her abusive behavor I'm glad
gary left her least his he had tried to save their


kaitlin pak31 sasha and eva cop on and get a grip of urelfs really hu cares if none of them are good looking shows how shallow u idiots are the kids are wearin diapers because they are KIDS oddly enough and your right they wudn have all this money but they have been working and saving money so unless ur a teen mom stop bitchin bout other peoples lives that u dont even no or even met before and go bitch about ur own lives and leave these girls alone that are trying to do a ood job and raise THEIR children rant over !


so these teen moms think there life is so hard.there are people out there killing themselves, hungry, dying of thirst. really girls you don't even really care for your babies. just give them up its not like you really care. your kids serve better than you. they need parents that really love them and care for them. Maci is the only one who loves her kid. and katelynne shes good cause she knew she couldn't take care take of that kid. the rest of you are really just horrible. if you didn't love the kid. you should not been doing that stuff or just got an adoption. you have proved that are fit parents. give the kids to parents that will love and care and do whatever for those kids.most of you are going to be in jail,end up killing yourself s, or just doing drugs. maci and katelyne are the ones that should have another kid cause they love there first kid.


Catelynn is gaining a lot of weight. If you want to keep your man honey start walking 20 minutes everday. Thats all you need is 20 minutes and you slim right down. Otherwise you will loose your man eventually


Ummmm Sasha.! First of all you need to check yourself, hunny. Farrah is one of the best moms. She didn't want to leave Sophia with her parents, but she did. And she is moving to go to SCHOOL not to drugs and party. Maci's child's name is Bentley, not Bintley and you need a pacifier so you can shut the fuck up. Their wearing diapers because thier KIDS!!!!! And your okay on Amber's part, But I'm jussayen, don't bash people because you're not perfect. !


I can't believe cps didn't take Leah from amber she's such a horrible mom not once have I ever seen that baby eat a home made meal all they ever feed her is mcdonalds Farrah I used to really like her but she has such a bad attitude no wonder her mom beat her ass I would have done the same catelyn is annoying now they need to get over them selfs


sasha, farrah has said this a million times micheal is not her stepdad he is her biological father. also her mom treats her like a little kid, and tries to act like sophia is hers.


Why is it that all the girls on this show are extremely ugly? To think that guys found them attractive. Or maybe they just found them easy to sleep with. Either way, I wouldn't wish their lives on anyone.


Must be a trick question? Matured since when? Since they made the bad choice that led to a scripted reality show that sends a bad message to gullible teens by making it look easy to have a kid as a kid but what the hell as long as it will make me famous.

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