Taylor Swift and B.O.B. Perform Latest Concert Duet

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Another Taylor Swift concert, another special local guest star.

As THG has excitedly documents over the past few weeks, Swift has been inviting hometown favorites on stage with her throughout her Speak Now tour, from Usher in Atlanta to Andy Grammar in Nashville.

The latest? B.O.B. in Dallas. Watch these two duet on "Airplanes," courtesy of a show at Dallas Cowboys Stadium, now:

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Dont like never Taylor Switch nono never. She is silly jajaja.


Well now, I've been listening to Taylor and in my book of recording manager, I would hire her anyday, SHE"s got A VOICE, compared to the quality of Hayley's and take that to the bank




Um no. Taylor killed Haley with that performance. Sit the fuck down.


Um no. Taylor Swift, please do us all a favor and stick to your pathetic songs. Haley Williams is a better singer than you could ever hope to be. You sound like shit, please leave the stage.

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